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Egyptian Tortoises, Radiatas , Pancakes, Platynota [featured!]
Hello , My available for delivery 1. EASTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISES (T. hermanni boettgeri) 2. EAST-EUROPEAN GREEK'S TORTOISES (T. graeca ibera) 3. NORTHERN MARGINATED TORTOISES (T. marginata marginata) 4. PANCAKE TORTOISES (M....  [more info]
Adult Male Tortoise
Can''t keep him anymore and needs a new home. Willing to negotiate.  [more info]

Beautiful female 5 inch sulcata!
I have just one 2 and 3 month old Sulcata tortoises available. She absolutely beautiful and they live outside full-time here in Central Florida. She is approximately5 inches long and is very healthy. They are small enough to live indoo...  [more info]

Very healthy, beautiful aldabra tortoise for sale
she is healthy, smart with a very gentle face. If you are interested and want more details on this cute baby, write and I'll be happy to answer. thanks.  [more info]

%**%%&beautiful aldabra tort available***
my tortoise is smart, healthy feeder and has no health problems. she feeds largely on vegies and fruits and enjoys when you touch it's neck as she eats. this cute baby aldabra tortoise would sure be the best pet for you and your entire...  [more info]

Sulcata Tortoise Female 3 yrs. old
Will accept $150 or best offer from a loving home for this friendly Sulcata Tortoise. I am making a long distance move and don''t want to neglect her during the whole ordeal. My new home won''t have the proper climate to care for thi...  [more info]

Box Turtle
Box Turtle , tank w/light and food.Rehoming Fee of $50.00  [more info]

African Sulcata Large Male 21yrs old
I have a 21 year old African Sulcata and I am rehoming my pet. Yes he is a pet. He is gentle and will eat from your hands. He comes when you call him. He shell is smooth and he healthy. I want him to go to a good home! If you are...  [more info]

Red Ear Slider Turtle
Turtle is approximately 9 years old. Tank is about 40 gallon and filter and perch is only 9 months old. He has been in the family for 8 years. Due to my health cannot maintain tank. Looking for a good home.  [more info]

IVORY SULCATA TORTOISE (probable female)
Measures 6 inches. I got her when she about 4 weeks old. Shipped from Richard Fife back on April 2, 2014. Growing smooth🖒::🖒::🖒:: I have been raising sulcatas for many many years and this little "Golden girl" ha...  [more info]

Nice Female Sulcata!!!
I have just three 2 year old Sulcata tortoises available. They're absolutely beautiful and they live outside full-time here in Central Florida. They are approximately 4 to 5 inches long and are very healthy. They are small enough to li...  [more info]

I have 2 true Brazilian Cherryhead Redfoots that I am looking to place into a great home. These little Cherries have had 110% love and passion that went into raising them🖒::. Trips outside on sunny days🌞::, me up late nig...  [more info]

Ivory Leopard Tortoise
This adorable, healthy female leopard tortoise, Leo, is 4.5-lb, 8-inch and 2-3 years old. She supposes to at least double the size as an adult. We named her Leo when we cannot tell the sex two years ago. We got this tortoise in Septemb...  [more info]

Pretty Sulcata 6 Monthes Old
I have a very sweet and beautiful 6 month old for sale! Indoor and outdoor raised so the health is top notch. All my tortoises receive the best of care, housing, food and supplements! They are friendly as we handle them regularly to ...  [more info]

Smooth Male Sulcata! 14"
I have a very nice 14" male sulcata for sale! He is very healthy and has a very smooth shell. He lives outside so he grazes on weeds, grass and receives healthy portions of fresh vegetables! He also receives calcium, vitamins, and cutt...  [more info]

Trade Red foot tortoise male or female
I have two red foots male and female both born from same clutch approximately 8 yrs old, looking to trade one out. Trade in person only.  [more info]

Healthy radiated tortoise available for sale.
They are very adorable, charming, shinny shells, vet checked and would make excellent companions for your home. 12 inches long, weighs 28 lbs and 3 years old.  [more info]

Lovely Sulcata tortoise babies available for sale.
They are healthy, adorable, playful and would be best companions for you and your family. I can't continue caring for these babies due to some health problems. More details and pics would be yours upon request. Thanks.  [more info]

Adorable baby aldabra Tortoise available for sale.
I'm no longer able to keep my baby aldabra tortoise as I'm relocating to my new house. she is a very healthy tortoise, fast growing on grass and mazuri tortoise diet. more details and pictures upon request.  [more info]

Hi my name is Mike! I had a good breeding season so I am blowing my tortoise hatchlings out for only $65 each! I normally charge $79 to $99. These guys are going to be between three weeks and two months old. They are all in great sha...  [more info]

I have a really nice elongated tortoise available! I am pricing this one at half of what the big breeders are charging. This tortoise is in great shape and is over 4 inches long. It does have a slightly irregular scute pattern which a...  [more info]

Alligator Snapping Turtle

Cherryhead and Radiata tortoises
Hi to all, I have the following land tortoises available. These tortoises are the perfect land tortoises species for a loving homes. Easy to keep and wouldn't require expertise breeders skills to keep them. If the land tortoises you ...  [more info]

All breeds of tortoises available for sale
We have indian star, hermanns, albino, leopard, aldabra, sulcata, red foot and galapagos tortoises available for sale. For more information, contact (803) 200 2267.  [more info]

aldabra and radiata tortoises for sale
Aldabra and Radiata tortoises available for sale. Babies, sub adults and adults available. For more information, contact (803) 200 2267  [more info]

Egyptian Tortoises, Radiatas , Pancakes, Platynota
Hello , My available for delivery 1. EASTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISES (T. hermanni boettgeri) 2. EAST-EUROPEAN GREEK'S TORTOISES (T. graeca ibera) 3. NORTHERN MARGINATED TORTOISES (T. marginata marginata) 4. PANCAKE TORTOISES (M....  [more info]

Red Foot Tortoise for sale.
I have a very healthy Red Foot Tortoise for sale male and female, We also have babies, Sub- Adult and Adult. for more details please contact me on 8173818609 or 7043436990  [more info]

Mini chihuahua female for sale.
Short nose, expressive eyes. Mini size. Date of birth April 16, 2017, for more information please contact on 8173818609 or 7043436990...  [more info]

Auro Capitata. Trifasciata and Mccordi Available
Auro Capitata. Trifasciata and Mccordi turtles are available. contact ...... for more information.  [more info]

I have raised for 4yrs and they are friendly to people. they are very healthy and beautiful. contact me for them +1-773-609-0685 please text or call me for confirmation and becareful for those people who wants to rip you.  [more info]

Male and Female Spurred Tortoise NEEDS A HOME
LUCY and ROB are a 7yr old Spurred tortoise. . He is a very nice sizeb and grows with his environment. Has never bit anyone or our dogs. He was raised on Zilla tortoise food, roman lettuce as well as other vegetables. He loves time ou...  [more info]

Male and female Russian aldabra for sale... at an subsidized price contact me +1-773-609-0685  [more info]

Adult Male And Female Tortoise All Breeds For SALE
BY different species of Tortoise,e.g Aldabra, Sulcata, Indian Star, Hermannee, Red-foot, Radiated, Galapagos etc, we sell both babies, sub adults and adults, free shipping within the US. +1-773-609-0685  [more info]

Sulcata Tortoises 2 years old! Reduced!
I have just four 2 year old Sulcata tortoises available. They''re absolutely beautiful and they live outside full-time here in Central Florida. They are approximately 4 inches long and are very healthy. They are small enough to live in...  [more info]

I have one beautiful yearling sulcata available. The tortoise is very pretty, healthy and active. The tortoise receives a proper diet of mixed vegetables, Cactus, grass, weeds and supplements. Please call or text Mike at 727-457-5358...  [more info]

Two Russian Tortoise Males
I am reopening this ad after I removed it because I was in contact with a potential home at the time; thus, if it looks familiar, it is. I started at university this past year and need to halve my tortoise family from four to two. ...  [more info]

Astrochelys radiata , Platynota, M Tonieri , sale
Hello Everyone Below is my complete price list 1) RADIATED TORTOISES (G. radiata) - babies, size to 5.99 cm, at Eur 200.00/each - low youngs, size 6.00 - 7.99 cm, at EUR 250.00/each - young ones, size 8.00 - 9.99 cm, at EUR 3...  [more info]

I have a beautiful 17 inch female sulcata up for grabs! She has never been bred but should be ready this year. She has a beautiful dark brown shell that is in great condition! Even her Underside is in perfect condition as well. She is ...  [more info]

Male African Spurred Tortoise
Tank is a 3yr old Male African Spurred tortoise. We are moving to a colder climate and so must re home our Tank. He is a very nice sizeb and grows with his environment. The bigger the cage the bigger he will become. He is currently t...  [more info]

I am regretfully rehoming my long-time tortoise friend "Tank". I have had him for 13 years and he is pushing 2 feet long! He is gentle and sweet! He will come to you and eat from your hand. He has always been given the best of care a...  [more info]

2 year old Sulcata Tortoise
I have a 2 year old sulfate tortoise named Bopper I am relocating and cannot take him with me. He has become inactive but has been given the correct diet. I am looking for someone that will work with him and care for him properly. Plea...  [more info]

I have ONLY 2 young SULCATAS ready for your home. they are about 5-6 months old. They are so cute and friendly! They are about 2 1/2" so they will fit in your hand for quite some time! They are fed proper mixed diet with calcium suppl...  [more info]

Awesome Sulcata Female 5"
Animal buyers PLEASE BEWARE......Most of the ads on this site (and most sites) are completely fake! Screen your seller well and talk to your seller. Don''t believe the great deal or made up stories b/c you will lose $ and you will not...  [more info]

Aldabra Tortoise
I have an adult male and female 7" and 6" Yearling Aldabra Tortoise available for sale they are both in good health condition and I will ship any where in the US only. Serious buyer pls text (336) 450-5586  [more info]

Male Russian tortoise turtle
Tortoise, food, aquarium, lamp, heating pad, food and water bowls, logs to hide, etc.  [more info]

Tortoise for good homes. Leopard
Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings Babies, Adults. Nationwide homes needed. I have some beautiful. healthy and active Leopard babies available for good homes. These tortoises come with 100% Customer Health Satisfaction Guarantee. They are...  [more info]

Healthy pairs Radiated, Aldabra, Sulcata tortoises
I am a reptiles breeder with over 15 years of experience breeding and selling reptiles. We have Healthy African spurred tortoise pairs, Radiated and Aldabra giant tortoise pairs available for sale. That are about 26 -to- 29"inches in ...  [more info]

Sulcata and Aldabra tortoises pairs available for
Four pairs sulcata and five pairs aldabra tortoises for sale that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 pounds. very healthy and home raised. Females are 100 percent proven breeder.They all get along with each...  [more info]

Aldabra gigantea African spurred tortoise for sale
Four Pairs Aldabra tortoises (Geochelone gigantea), Four pairs African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) and three pairs Radiata tortoises (Geochelone radiata) that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 po...  [more info]

***Male Radiated Tortoise***
Perfect stunning example of a radiated tortoise. He measures 12" inches long and weighs about 35lbs. Very active and always on the go!!! Feeds great on fresh veggies and fruits with Mazuri Tortoise diet, also Bermuda and coastal green ...  [more info]

Gorgeous aldabra tortoise
adorable aldabra tortoise, she is healthy with a super clean shell and zero pyramiding. she feeds on greens and fruits, very friendly and will be wonderful for a tortoise lover  [more info]

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