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Turtles & Tortoises Classifieds

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Red ear slider turtle
Looking to rehome our red ear slide turtle, it is about a year old, we think it's a female but not 100% sure. Turtle will come with a tank, basking area, 2lamps uv& heat lamp, water filter, heater, decorative filterhousing, and food(k...  [more info]

Nice 8 month old sulcatas! ONLY $89!
I have just a handful of pre juvenile Sulcatas left. I have a few male and female. They are still under 3" so they can be kept inside for a long time and handled ! Nice thing about buying a sulcata with a little bit of age to it is tha...  [more info]

Beautiful Sulcata Female 17 inches. Will go fast!
I have an awesome large breeding size female available! She is quite heavy so it is possible that she is already bred. She has a wonderfully smooth shell with a nice colors! She is very healthy and very strong. She will make a great co...  [more info]

Yellow Belly Slider
We've had this turtle for a little over a year, he's still very young. We unfortunately have to let him go, included is every you need: Yellow Belly Slider Turtle 2 Goldfish (help keep the tank clean) 20 gallon long tank Tank sta...  [more info]

Oscar the Russian Tortoise
Hi everyone, Thank you for your interest in my ad. I am looking for a special home for my Lil Oscar. I have owned Oscar for 5 years. He is a Russian Tortoise that I rescued from PetSmart. A little bit about him: he is a fast paced li...  [more info]

Beautiful Sulcata Male 14 inches. Will go fast!
I have a beautiful so kind of mail who is 14 in Long and in perfect condition! He has beautiful coloration on his shell. He is very smooth. He is very friendly and he will come up to you and eat right out of your hand! He really is a g...  [more info]

Adult male sulcata turtle
Adult Male sulcata $650.00 hes very friendly I can no longer give him the attention he needs.  [more info]

African Spurred Tortoise
I am selling a beautiful baby African Spurred Tortoise. I hate that I have to get rid of him but I am moving :( I''m including his size 10 glass aquarium for no additional cost :)  [more info]

Cherryhead,Elegans,Radiata tortoises
These land tortoises are very healthy and well tamed. I have available babies, juveniles, subadults, and adults. Species include the greek, Russian, Sulcatas, Aldabra, Cherryhead, Galapagos, Indian star tortoise, leopard, Radiata and m...  [more info]


Hermans and Testudo Graeca
Hermans and Testudo Graeca, spur thighed tortoises available at affordable prices, contact me 3378002926.  [more info]

Female 80lbs Sulcata Tortoise
Large female Sulcata  [more info]

Large 10 in by 7 in Sulcata Tortoise for sale
Looking forward to selling our 10 inch long Sulcata tortoise. She is strong and healthy with a well developed shell, and lots of personality. Local pickup only.   [more info]

Two Sulcata tortoises for sale
Looking to find a good home for my two sulcatas. They are almost 3 years old. I am currently in the process of moving and not able to care for them. Their enclosure is included but will need to be upgraded very soon due to their rapid ...  [more info]

Red eared slider
8 inch Mr. Turtle Red Eared Slider Introduction Red-eared sliders, also known as red-eared terrapins, are among the most popular pet turtles in the world. They belong to the pond turtle family, Emydidae, and species Trachemys scripta...  [more info]

!!Adult male radiated tortoise 11" ++
!!Adult male radiated tortoise 11" ++ An adult male radiated tortoise 11"+ , he is registered studbook #858 hatched 2nd of July 2001. Due to some relocation reasons I can not keep him, he is very healthy and growing fast on fruits,ve...  [more info]

80lbs Male sulcata for rehoming
I look forward selling my 80 pounder adult male Sulcata tortoise. He is about 19" long and 15" wide. She has a very clean and strong shell. I am lowering the price to $400 for him. Local pick up only, may be willing to ship to a seriou...  [more info]

85 lbs Female Sulcata
85 lbs Female Sulcata I look forward selling my 85 pounder adult female Sulcata tortoise. She is about 19" long and 15" wide. She has a very clean and strong shell. I am lowering the price to $400 for her. Local pick up only, may be...  [more info]

3 year old aldabra tortoise for a new home
3yr Old Aldabra Tortoise. This animal has a perfect shell with no extra, missing, or split scutes. Just over a foot in length. fast growing on a mixture vegetables, grass, fruits, and mazuri tortoise diet. I'm asking $550 plus overnigh...  [more info]

Full Grown Radiated Tortoise for Sale
I have an 8 years old full grown friendly radiated tortoise for adoption into a new home. due to some relocation reasons I can not keep her, She is very healthy and growing fast on fruits,vegetables and grass diet. She is an excellent ...  [more info]

***radiated tortoise for rehoming***
Hi everyone, am new here and really hoping to get a new tort loving home for my beautiful radiated tortoise. due to some family and relocation problems, i can no longer keep my tortoise. anyone out there, searching and needs a tortoise...  [more info]

Beautiful female 5 inch sulcata!
I have just one 2 and 3 month old Sulcata tortoises available. She absolutely beautiful and they live outside full-time here in Central Florida. She is approximately5 inches long and is very healthy. They are small enough to live indoo...  [more info]

Very healthy, beautiful aldabra tortoise for sale
she is healthy, smart with a very gentle face. If you are interested and want more details on this cute baby, write and I'll be happy to answer. thanks.  [more info]

%**%%&beautiful aldabra tort available***
my tortoise is smart, healthy feeder and has no health problems. she feeds largely on vegies and fruits and enjoys when you touch it's neck as she eats. this cute baby aldabra tortoise would sure be the best pet for you and your entire...  [more info]

Healthy radiated tortoise available for sale.
They are very adorable, charming, shinny shells, vet checked and would make excellent companions for your home. 12 inches long, weighs 28 lbs and 3 years old.  [more info]

Lovely Sulcata tortoise babies available for sale.
They are healthy, adorable, playful and would be best companions for you and your family. I can't continue caring for these babies due to some health problems. More details and pics would be yours upon request. Thanks.  [more info]

Adorable baby aldabra Tortoise available for sale.
I'm no longer able to keep my baby aldabra tortoise as I'm relocating to my new house. she is a very healthy tortoise, fast growing on grass and mazuri tortoise diet. more details and pictures upon request.  [more info]

Hi my name is Mike! I had a good breeding season so I am blowing my tortoise hatchlings out for only $65 each! The oldest ones will be $80. I normally charge $79 to $99. These guys are going to be between two - 8 months old. They ar...  [more info]

Egyptian Tortoises, Radiatas , Pancakes, Platynota
Hello , My available for delivery 1. EASTERN HERMANN'S TORTOISES (T. hermanni boettgeri) 2. EAST-EUROPEAN GREEK'S TORTOISES (T. graeca ibera) 3. NORTHERN MARGINATED TORTOISES (T. marginata marginata) 4. PANCAKE TORTOISES (M....  [more info]

Astrochelys radiata , Platynota, M Tonieri , sale
Hello Everyone Below is my complete price list 1) RADIATED TORTOISES (G. radiata) - babies, size to 5.99 cm, at Eur 200.00/each - low youngs, size 6.00 - 7.99 cm, at EUR 250.00/each - young ones, size 8.00 - 9.99 cm, at EUR 3...  [more info]

Tortoise for good homes. Leopard
Leopard Tortoise Hatchlings Babies, Adults. Nationwide homes needed. I have some beautiful. healthy and active Leopard babies available for good homes. These tortoises come with 100% Customer Health Satisfaction Guarantee. They are...  [more info]

Healthy pairs Radiated, Aldabra, Sulcata tortoises
I am a reptiles breeder with over 15 years of experience breeding and selling reptiles. We have Healthy African spurred tortoise pairs, Radiated and Aldabra giant tortoise pairs available for sale. That are about 26 -to- 29"inches in ...  [more info]

Sulcata and Aldabra tortoises pairs available for
Four pairs sulcata and five pairs aldabra tortoises for sale that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 pounds. very healthy and home raised. Females are 100 percent proven breeder.They all get along with each...  [more info]

Aldabra gigantea African spurred tortoise for sale
Four Pairs Aldabra tortoises (Geochelone gigantea), Four pairs African spurred tortoise (Geochelone sulcata) and three pairs Radiata tortoises (Geochelone radiata) that are about 26 -to- 29"inches in length and weigh from 105 to 240 po...  [more info]

Aldabra tortoise
i have one healthy baby aldabra tortoise available for a loving home, she is healthy and feeds well. contact for more information NO BREEDERS!!!!!!  [more info]

cute aldabra tortoise for adoption
lovely baby aldabra tortoise , she is still too young to be sexed accurately, she is very healthy and feeds on soften mazuri, greens and fruits,contact for more information  [more info]

I have one Aldabra that needs rehoming 3500 approx 8 -9 " much bigger then the picture shown  [more info]

Very nice Leopard hatchlings for sale
Very nice Leopard hatchlings for sale now. if interested, contact with your phone number and zip code for quote.  [more info]

male and female leopard tortoise for adoption
they are available and ready to go. they are about 6 years old and they are both healthy and have no issues. please contact with your phone number  [more info]

2 red eared slider turtles 7 months
Great health, included is 2 turtles, 10 gallon tank, filter, heat lamp and UV lamp, rocks, floating log, green stairs, some food and dried shrimp. I just want them to go to a good home. A tank upgrade is due soon  [more info]

Sulcata Tortoise
I have a large male Sulcata. Very friendly. He likes to follow you around. Great appetite. Good with dogs. He's about 24" around and about 35 lbs. I'm moving and must sell him right away. Please call at 209-284-9293. Thank you.   [more info]

female adult sulcata
female lays tons of eggs . shes about 8-9 years old 60lbs or so. pick up omly riverside ca  [more info]

Cherryhead,Elegans,Radiata tortoises
These land tortoises are very healthy and well tamed. I have available babies, juveniles, subadults, and adults. Species include the greek, Russian, Sulcatas, Aldabra, Cherryhead, Galapagos, Indian star tortoise, leopard, Radiata and m...  [more info]

Sulcatta male
great condition male at least 75č4vlbs  [more info]

Turtles of Amazonian rivers (TARICAYA)
Distinguished , I am offering to distribute river turtles, of the species Podocnemis unifilis. Someone interested in these turtles can contact me . Shapro  [more info]

Sulcata Tortoise Hatchlings
I have some healthy baby Sulcata tortoises available. Currently eating spring mix lettuce, Mazuri, mulberry leaves, and various weeds and grasses from the yard. Smooth shells, soaked daily. Email me at ...... if you are interested and pl  [more info]

2 Red Eared Sliders
2 Red Eared Sliders about 1 year old, free to good home. My daughter purchased them and now cannot care for them.  [more info]

I have a very nice 16" male sulcata for sale! He is very healthy and has a very smooth shell. ABSOLUTELY BEATIFIC COLORS & A PERFECT SHELL!! He lives outside so he grazes on weeds, grass and receives healthy portions of fresh vegetable...  [more info]

Adult male sulcata for adoption
adult male sulcata for adoption. he is ready to go to any pet and tortoise lover.please contact with phone number .  [more info]