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Handfed Baby Cockatiels
Handfed Baby Cockatiels. Weaning now and will be ready the middle of January 2018. Lutino-Pied, Pied and Cinnamon-Pied. Will come with care sheet and seed mix they have been eating. $75.00 each Pick up only Sorry No Shipping  [more info]

Extremly Talking Tame Baby Macaw -
This is a stunning hand reared baby blue and gold macaw now ready for its new home. Very cuddly with everyone including children. Steps up to your finger and will talk when older as already stated to whistle. Very entertaining and cudd...  [more info]

Baby Swainsons Lory- Female
Baby Swainsons lorikeet weaned and ready for a new home. These birds are beautiful and love to play!! Please educate yourself or be familiar with the requirements of nectar eating parrots. They require fresh nectar twice daily. The pet...  [more info]

Harlequin Macaw
3 year old Harlequin Macaw. She is good natured, does talk. Will say hello whenever a phone rings, good with dogs (she likes to feed them...lol ). Loves taking a shower. She eats pellets primarily but loves veggies & fruit.This pri...  [more info]

Diamond Dove w/ cage
Light blue colored diamond dove that I’ve had for about a month. I want her to go to a good home because soon I’ll have nowhere to put her. She is a little shy and she’s very quiet. When she does coo it’s soft and you can nearly hear i...  [more info]

Blue and gold Macaw Parrots available now for sale
Blue and gold Macaw Parrots available now for sale.Well trained birds and are available now for sale please call or text us at 850 898 0814 for more info and pics  [more info]

Military Macaw
Military Macaw for sale very tame loves to interact with the family. Gets along with cats and dogs very sociable. He is 8 years old.  [more info]

Very Sweet 1-year-old for Sale
1 year old female. Very friendly and likes to be pet. Learning to talk. Good with dogs. Cage included. Birth papers and proof of sex included. Looking for a good home.  [more info]

Cockatoos for sale
We have 3 nice umbrella cockatoos, two boys and one girl, all are sweet and they talk too!  [more info]

Umbrella Cockatoo Parrots.
Hand reared pure white baby Umbrella cockatoo parrots. Being hand reared by myself. I have many years of experience in hand-rearing. 6 months old male and female. They are being hand reared in a busy family atmosphere with little chil...  [more info]

African Grey Parrots.
Two hand reared baby african grey parrots for sale. Use to the usual household noises, other birds and dogs. 8 months old Male and female. They are fully weaned and ready for their new forever homes. They come with new pet carrier, cag...  [more info]

3 year old female green wing macaw
Hi I am selling my super tame 5 year old female green wing macaw has dna paper and hatch certificate comes on hand shoulder etc talks microchipped and says hello bye step up comes with really nice big cage which is in really good condi...  [more info]

super tame blue and gold macaws
Hi I am selling my 2 and half year old super tame blue and gold macaw closed ring comes on hand used to family environment cuddly gorgeous colours comes with like new condition cage which is also clean does not have clipped wings it co...  [more info]

beautiful moluccan cockatoo
Here for adoption is my beautiful moluccan cockatoo is the pearl pied colour she is around 3.5 years old she will come out fly round sit near you etc whistles and is a quick learner,She will step onto a pole or your finger and again I ...  [more info]

2 Young. Congo. African. Grey parrot, tame and s
2 African grey a very friendly parrot, talks, whistles, steps up and greets you. It is Recommended to be an experienced parrot handler if you're interested in purchasing , he is regularly clipped here. I have his DNA certificate prov...  [more info]

kadaknath ..karinkozhi
30 days old kadknath karinkozhi chiks ready to sell rs 300 per jodi  [more info]

Parrots and Ostrich chicks, Fertile Eggs for sale
Diamond Aviaries has more than 13 years Experience in Aviculture. We currently have African greys, Macaw Parrots, Cockatoo Parrots, Falcons, Toco Toucans for sale.Also, we have 100% Fertile parrot eggs for sale. We also have Ostrich ch...  [more info]

Hand Reared snow white Umbrella Cockatoo
Hi I am selling my super tame snow white umbrella cockatoo for you this festive period. Very playful and friendly boy and used to family environment umbrella cockatoo born on 15 September 2016 has hatch certificate dna tested which is ...  [more info]

Concave Nest Box Cutter for Parakeet nest box
I have a solid steel concave nest box cutter for parakeet nest boxes. It keeps the eggs contained in one area. Blade is 1/4 inch steel. Custom made. Price : $50.00  [more info]

Blue and Gold Parrots
Blue and Gold Parrots sweetie pie loves to snuggle and are super friendly.551-233-9S89 It also enjoy a good belly rub and lots of kisses Email ...... thanks.   [more info]

African grey Parrots
Beautiful African grey Parrots are currently available.9O4-27O-9753 This sweetie pie loves to snuggle and are super friendly Email ...... thanks.  [more info]

Bonded pair of Jendays Conures
This is five bonded pair of Jenday Conures. All five pair cost $3200.00, shipping and handling extra. An individual pair will cost $750.00 , shipping and handling extra.  [more info]

Fully Tamed Talking African Grey Parrots.
Talking African grey a very friendly parrot, talks, whistles, steps up and greets you. It is Recommended to be an experienced parrot handler if you're interested in purchasing , he is regularly clipped here. I have his DNA certificate ...  [more info]

White Bellied Caique baby last 1
Results are in baby white bellied Caique is a boy and all tests for Psittacosis + PBFD + Polyomavirus are negative. Baby is 8 weeks old today and is on 3 feedings a day and will be fully weaned 2nd week of January. Total price is $9...  [more info]

Galah/Rose Breasted Cockatoo young female
Rehoming my Dna'd female Galah. She is afraid of my dog because He jumps at her when She is out of cage and in her cage. Want her to go to a good loving home that will care for her spoil her and over all love her. She is quiet for a co...  [more info]

Spirophila leucoptera / white bellied seedeater
2.5 pairs of sporophila leucoptera white bellied seedeaters papjie Pico plata Chorão cage bred close banded. ...... sell as a group ONLY!  [more info]

Hand reared 1 year 9 months old DNA female Galah
Hand reared 1 year 9 months old DNA female Galah cockatoo with ID ring and hatch certificate. With liberata cage etc. The most tame and friendly girl! Never bites excellent with kids. Loves to be handled. Steps up every time, truly a d...  [more info]

Blue and Gold 14 year old Macaw (gender unknown)
She’s (based on Vet’s guess) been our family pet for 14 years. My son recently was diagnosed with an allergy to her and now we have to rehome. She has a 15 word vocabulary, laughs, says “hello” when doorbell and telephone rings. She...  [more info]

Severe Macaw
Bart is a 3 year old Severe Macaw. He can be sweet but also can be nippy. But not aggressive. He does not make a lot of noise. I also have cage and table top java tree for sale $800.00 for package. Sadly moving and can not bring him  [more info]

Greenwing Maca
Zoe is a 2.5 year Green wing Macaw. She is sweet playful and beautiful to look at, she says a few words. She does not make a lot of noise. Also have cage and large java tree for sale with all the toys and perches. Total package $2100.0...  [more info]

Hand fed cockatiels
Hatched 7/26 weaned socialized with cats,dogs,ferrets and people too!Only two left  [more info]

hand tamed 19 months old green wing macaw
green wing macaw. He's around 19 months old and comes with DNA certificate and he is closed rung. He is friendly once he's bonded with you he steps up and shakes hands. He's also a very good talker. Only selling as i haven't got the ti...  [more info]

Beautiful Blue and Gold needs a social home
Peanut is a very loving girl with whom she bonds with. She is 12 years old. Changes in my life has caused me to not be home much and that's not fair for a social animal. I want her to have the attention she deserves. The price includes...  [more info]

Pair of Hyacinth Macaws for sale
Pair of Hyacinth Macaws for sale We have a young pair hyacinth macaw birds available for sale,they are 10 months old, DNA sexed unrelated. Already talking/saying words and very friendly with kids and people in general. Contact u...  [more info]

Talkative (Boy & Girl) Congo African Grey Parrot
I have Beautiful Congo African Grey Parrots,they are male and female and are hand reared close rung,with cites certificate.Reared on a good healthy diet.Breeder of African greys 20 plus years.Advice given on care,with care sheet. On...  [more info]

Lovely Semi Tame BxG MACAW Iwant to rehome
Sweet and Lovely Semi Tame BxG MACAW Iwant to rehome a sweet 2 yr old macaw. She is very tame. Have been raised indoors with other aninals and kids and is a great talker. tamed and come with large cage.I havnt got a limit as I'm lookin...  [more info]

Available for new home Bareeye cockatoo pair
Available for new home Bareeye cockatoo pair Very healthy and friendly they are very funny and say some words. Rehoming Fee $ 1600 pair or $900 each Accept reasonable offers Call or text (770)///== 852-===8170  [more info]

Weaned male eclectus
Male Electus hatched 07/21/2017, mother raised.  [more info]

Male Cockatiel

You will love Blake and Gwen!!!
These two beautiful birds will win your heart! They are very friendly! They love to show off! You can even let them out of their cage and they will always fly back to you once they get to know you! They are only one year old and with p...  [more info]

2 cockatiels... Blue and also a yellow
$125 for both with large cage or $50 for one without cage...please no text messages  [more info]

Pair of Cherry-Headed Conures
Male and female registered Cherry-Headed Conures. Both one year old and are ready to nest. The pair are very warm and friendly. They love to climb and play as long as they are provided with lots of toys.  [more info]

12 Weeks baby blue and gold macaw parrots
Hand reared baby Blue & Gold macaw ready soon available now to reserve hand reared in a busy family-friendly atmosphere with little children very friendly and easy to handle these birds love to cuddle and goofy around adorable birds ve...  [more info]

rehome this male Umbrella Cockatoo.
I'm looking to rehome this male Umbrella Cockatoo. He is banded. He has a great personality, is playful, and very loving once he gets used to you, which doesn't usually take long. He is on a pellet diet with fruits and veggies, althoug...  [more info]

Very tame young Macaw with cage
Very tame young Macaw with cage talks very good only three years old.Blue and gold and macaw. A good knowledge of macaws is helpful as it takes time to get a bond going but he is super sweet after bonding with you. Very nice feathers, ...  [more info]

Macaw Babies Available Now.
We specialize in breeding Exotic Birds that are hand fed and well socialized for pets. All birds come from DISEASE TESTED parents, very IMPORTANT for the health of your baby. Our goal is to give #1 Customer Service and help you every s...  [more info]

Beautiful blue and go Macaws. Weaned and fledged.
They are all well socialized and enjoy spending time with their human flock members. We have Congo African greys, Macaws, Senegals and Palm Cockatoos available. Weaned and fledged. Ready for new homes. Weaned on to a healthy diet of ve...  [more info]

DNA sexed males and females Macaws.
These are stunning and very adorable Macaw Parrots that are ready to go to their new homes now. Am selling each for a very nice and affordable price. Please interested bird lovers should email us now for a quotation and current photos.  [more info]

Very nice and beautiful African Greys.
Our babies are raised in our home for your home. Every baby is well socialized and are accustom to living in a home! As a result, we provide superior quality companion parrots. Photo updates are provided. Total after adopting support i...  [more info]

TWO BLUE & GOLD MACAWS !!! TRYING TO BREED , FEMALE LAYING CONSTANTLY . She was abused when i got her but has layed 5 times already this year , usually 2 to 3 eggs . The Male I've had for about 16 years . They are very loving & I'm con...  [more info]

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