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Umbrella Cockatoo
Lacy is needing a new home. She is going to be 7 years old as her birthday is coming up soon on July 4th. Lacy has started to produce eggs also. She is an extremely lovable bird that requires complete attention and love. She talks with...  [more info]

2 love birds available
I have 2 lovebirds one is yellow and the other one is green. They are in a cage together and not sure of the sex they just turned a year old. . The cage and food and toys and nests all come with it. For more information call 765-721-3...  [more info]

Green Cheek Conure
I''ll throw in her cage and her food. If interested call me by number : 615-981-2128   [more info]

Loving Umbrella Cockatoo
Casper is an affectionate companion bird. She is a female (not DNA tested). She likes everyone! She is very sociable. She says her name, Casper, bye, bye, good bird, I'm a good bird, okay, give a kiss, and a few other words and phrases...  [more info]

Three BABY Budgerigars looking for homes!
Three BABY Budgerigars looking for homes! These three sweet babies (around 7-9 weeks old) are looking for suitable homes and good owners. Each of them have been raised by their two good parents, but they haven''t been handled at all...  [more info]

Lower Prices birds

African Grey Parrot with Cage.
Hand reared female African Grey parrot ready to leave now. 9 months old. She is being hand reared by ourselves in a very busy family atmosphere, silly tame, lovely bird, very easy to handle, she has a very playful personalty. She is we...  [more info]

Blue And Gold Macaw VERY FRIENDLY with large cage.
I have a beautiful blue and Gold Macaw. He is very friendly. Loves to go to Home Depot and Lowes and the pet stores. He loves going to the park with me. Loves all the attention that he gets. 5 years old.  [more info]

Beautiful pretty and sweet💕 2 month old . They are ready to go nice home🏡 Very happy healthy✔ Eating playing well ✔ Parents Mother:yellow cheek💍Father:turquoise   [more info]

Senegal Parrot Free to good home
17 year old male Senegal parrot. I've had him since he was a baby. He's a good bird, but with a demanding job, I'm just not able to give him the attention and time he deserves. Free to good home, includes large cage with playtop an...  [more info]

Double Yellow Headed Amazon Parrot for sale
I have a very beautiful Amazon Parrot named Reno for sale. He's lovable, joyful, talkative, and musical. I simply do not have enough time to give him adequate attention due to my busy work schedule and traveling. Reno is 26 years old a...  [more info]

Congo African Grey
African grey parrot with cage  [more info]

Greenwing Macaw For Sale
Greenwing Macaw For Sale. I purchased Tom from Bird Man Parrots in Chicago IL, he is almost two years old. He was a hand fed baby from Eli's shop. Tom is very loving and says several different things. I have two young children that h...  [more info]

Baby African Grey Timnehs Male & Female Handraised
I have 2 African Grey Timnehs for sale. They were born Feb 4th 2017. They are fully weaned to a pellet vegetable and fruit diet. Each comes with completed DNA, Psittacosis and PBFD tests, their wings and nails are clipped. Both are ver...  [more info]

Green Cheeked Conure 3 year old boy
Beautiful boy with lots of love to give and get. He needs a lot of attention and would be perfect for someone who has time and patience. There are many toys and plenty of food to go with him. His cage is large and is all included too....  [more info]

Canary for sale
Canary red, yellow, green, white.  [more info]

Umbrella Cockatoo large cage, medium cage
Umbrella Cockatoo large cage, medium cage and travel cage  [more info]

Proven Breeding Pair of Orange Winged Amazons
They are proven and had a clutch of 4 babies this past September. They are in the process of breeding again. They will come with their nesting box. Asking $1500 or best offer.  [more info]

Rehoming my African Grey
Pete is roughly 4 years old do to my health I ain't home enough to give him enough sadly I feel this is on fair to him.. He talks some and is missing feathers around his neck when I got him in 2014 the feathers was missing from boredom...  [more info]

Indian Ringneck Parrots have become more and more popular as pets in recent years, and for many different reasons. For one thing, these birds are known to be exceptional talkers, with some amassing vocabularies many words that they can...  [more info]

Sun Conures are among the most popular pet bird species, and have been for many years. There are several reasons for this. not limited to the fact that they are arguably the most vividly colored and beautiful Conure species. While most...  [more info]

handfed baby moustache parrots
still being handfed only 9 days old, taking deposits  [more info]

Canary youngsters 2017
Beautiful Canary youngsters ready for new homes. Yellow variegated, greens, browns, mosaics, cinnamons, marigolds. Birds are fed best seeds, fresh veggies and fruits daily. Healthy and ready to go. Hand pickup, no shipping.   [more info]

Baby Greenwing Macaw Parrot(385) 209 x 1468
Hi everyone, I have for sale a young male Greenwing Macaw. He's about 8 months old and ready to go to his forever house. Fully weaned off. Comes with birth certificate and hatch certificate. He's fully tamed as we have hand reared h...  [more info]

Caique Parrot
White Bellied Caique Parrot with cage. Need to find a home for our bird. She is just over a year old. she needs more attention then what we can give her. At times can be loud. She loves to go outside. She is a very curious bird will tr...  [more info]

Hand fed baby cockatiels
I have 2 hand fed baby cockatiels that are up for re homing. Very tame. Re homing fee is....$150.00 each. 14 weeks old. For a faster response text or call my phone. (859)-398-9789  [more info]

Hand fed baby cockatiels
I have 2 hand fed baby cockatiels that are up for re homing. Very tame. Re homing fee is....$150.00 each. 14 weeks old. For a faster response text or call my phone. (859)-398-9789  [more info]

Sebastopol Geese, Adult
All White, Curly and Smooth Breasted, Adult Sebastopol Geese from Holderread stock. Entire Flock of 32 Geese for Sale. Beautiful, gentle and friendly birds, mostly hand raised. Special pricing for whole Flock! Please call Katrina o...  [more info]

Medium White Sulpher Crested Cockatoo
1 year old (5/16) female (DNA tested) sulphur crested cockatoo. Hand raised/fed. Large cage, travel cage, lots of accessories and toys included. am selling because just got promoted in my office so cant have the time to take care of he...  [more info]

Amazon White Fronted Parrot
I have for sale Beautiful and intelligent, White Fronted or Spectacled Amazon Parrots can be delightful pets. While they do have a tendency to bond strongly to one person, their love of interactive play makes them a delight for all to ...  [more info]

Afrcan Grey Parrot
All the parrots will be sold with a hatch certificate and ID steel rings (close rung) on their legs and 24 hrs after care service for total peace of mind. I am happy to help with any questions or concerns you may have prior to purchasi...  [more info]

Baby Macaw Parrot With A Huge Cage Tame And Talks
Beautiful 10 month old male macaw for sale very playfull bird and loves to socialise with both male and female trust me when i come home he says hiiii and hello also when i pit my hand up and say come on he instantly comes and he also ...  [more info]

5 Beautifully colored babies FREE to loving homes!
5 Beautifully colored babies are FREE to loving homes! And there are more chicks on the way! The parents are laying a lot of eggs, we need to find homes for their babies. We have hand-fed some of them, but did not intend to breed parak...  [more info]

Rainbow colored sun conure
Hey beautiful five-year-old sun conure needs a home food and cage come with it  [more info]

2017 tame parrotlets  [more info]

Fertile Parrots Eggs and Parrot Chicks
Fresh laid parrot eggs. Very fertile and already tested by candling. Hatching guaranty at a 100%. The list below is available; also available are parrot babies. Macaws parrot eggs and chicks available: - Blue and gold macaw...contact u...  [more info]

African Grey- I also ship.
Beautiful friendly parrot ready to go now, 9 months old female, she loves to go out, sits on shoulder, talks a little but mostly copies sounds, well handled. This is a very very sad sale due to new home commitments. cage and toys inclu...  [more info]

Cute conure pairs
Currently hand feeding Conure babies. They are weaned on to a pelleted diet along w/fresh fruits and veggies. All babies are raised in our home with other birds, pets and children. All are guaranteed healthy, tame and sweet. Your baby ...  [more info]

Beautiful Tame Congo African Grey Parrot
VISIT reginnaparrotshome The male, has a metal ring on his leg, is called Billy, he is only around 5, was hand raised and enjoyed being handled by women. Since being with Cosmo he is not as interested in human company, but would soon c...  [more info]

Beautiful Blue Parrotlets . Ready for new Homes soon. Parrent raised but handled and socialized. Perfect pet small pet bird call 772-240-5561 no shipping . Must pick up in Palm City Area   [more info]

Extremely friendly and loving.
I have a beautiful one year old female Electus. Extremely friendly and loving. She was recently purchased for $1300.00. Also including the cage pirch, travel cage, and weighing pirch. The accessories were an additional $300.00. Asking  [more info]

Dusky Conure 7 months, Very Sweet, Knows Commands!
Beautiful 7 month old Dusky Conure, cage included- brand new $120.00 large white cage complete with new toys for bird to play with. The bird is banded in case it ever were to get lost. If interested please respond and I can send more p...  [more info]

Baby cockatiel
We have 3 babies born at the end of march. They are almost ready to go to go home. Both mom and dad on premises. Birds are pickup only  [more info]

Sweet African Greys and Palm Cockatoos
These are stunning and very adorable Parrots that are ready to go to their new homes now. DNA sexed males and females. Very tame, beginning to talk and learn commands. Come with Health Certificate and dna paper, plus toys. Shipping is ...  [more info]

Macaws and Congo african grey babies available.
Our babies are raised in our home for your home. Every baby is well socialized and are accustom to living in a home! As a result, we provide superior quality companion parrots. Photo updates are provided. Total after purchase support i...  [more info]

Orange Wing Amazon MALE 1 Year old
MALE 1 year old Orange Wing Amazon. Docile, not aggressive, begins to talk and imitate sounds. Has his legal ring tag. We are a family home, not breeders or pet store. Located in Tracy, CA. I have the option to accept Paypal, m...  [more info]

Male Eclectus Parrot
I have 2 Male Eclectus Parrot Babies that will be ready for their new homes within a couple of months. They are 1,000 each. They are still being hand-fed and will be totally weaned before they go to their new home!  [more info]

Green Cheek Conures- I ship.
Beautiful hand reared, silly tame Green cheek conures. 1 female pineapple conure, 6 months old. 1 male Yellow side conure, 9 months old. 1 female Turquoise and cinimon conure, 7 months old. They are fully weaned and ready for n...  [more info]

Hyacinth Macaw Parrot
Talks with a variety of words has n id ring he is a male comes with a large corner cage which he loves to play in. When he gets use to you he will come on to you and loves it when you tickle him. He is adventurous and likes to scsream ...  [more info]

Emu Chicks & Fertile Eggs for sale
We have very healthy Emu Chicks and Emu Hatching Eggs. We sell at moderate prices with 100% guaranteed fresh hatching eggs .DNA and Hand Tested. Contact for our supplier procedures.  [more info]

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