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Umbrella Cockatoo
Lacy is needing a new home. She is going to be 7 years old as her birthday is coming up soon on July 4th. Lacy has started to produce eggs also. She is an extremely lovable bird that requires complete attention and love. She talks with...  [more info]

Loving Umbrella Cockatoo
Casper is an affectionate companion bird. She is a female (not DNA tested). She likes everyone! She is very sociable. She says her name, Casper, bye, bye, good bird, I'm a good bird, okay, give a kiss, and a few other words and phrases...  [more info]

Umbrella Cockatoo large cage, medium cage
Umbrella Cockatoo large cage, medium cage and travel cage  [more info]

Medium White Sulpher Crested Cockatoo
1 year old (5/16) female (DNA tested) sulphur crested cockatoo. Hand raised/fed. Large cage, travel cage, lots of accessories and toys included. am selling because just got promoted in my office so cant have the time to take care of he...  [more info]

Female Umberella Cockatoo
Sookie is an 11 year old sweet and cuddly cockatoo. She will cuddle all day if you let her. We haven't had her long, she is terrifide of my husband. Not sure why. She's not scared of all males, just him. She comes with her cage, food...  [more info]

Rose Breasted Cockatoo hand-fed baby
Galah: Rose Breasted Cockatoo hand-fed baby, hatched on 4/22/17. Baby is absolutely gorgeous and very sweet. Already fully weaned, but I am still offering 1 evening feeding. Rose Breasted Cockatoo's are good talkers, not a screamers,...  [more info]

Citron Cockatoo
Citron Cockatoo with cages to Good Loving home only. I have had him 34 years and can't take him where I am moving. Broken Hearted. $900.00  [more info]

Cockatoo Umbrella raised from a baby
Israel, is the love of my life. he is so intelligent, has a huge vocabulary which he uses as appropriate and necessary. . and likes puppies and kittens..He does not like bird food,,, but loves pizza, ;beef stew, scrambled eggs, ice cr...  [more info]

3 year old male Goffin Cockatoo
3 year old male Goffin Cockatoo needs loving home. I am no longer able to care for my baby properly after divorce. I am working and a full time student with 2 active children. Looking for a loving home for him, he is a fairly quiet bir...  [more info]