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Realistic Hyacinth Macaws
They are home train,hand fed and well tame.. he loves to be pampered with him and above all keeps to instructions especially in English. He is DNA tested and will be coming with all vet documents and with cage food toys and food.He ...  [more info]

Greatest hyacinth Macaws for sale
We have Both male and female available they are DNA tested and will be coming with all vet documents and with cage food toys and food.they are very friendly and loving.He loves the company of kids and other pets at home.for more pics ...  [more info]

Friendly Falcon birds Text 339-970-9126
Hello, We have pure line of Falcon Peregrine Brookeys, Falcon Peregrine Barbarys, Falcon Peregrine Scotish, Sakers Falcon, Gyr Falcon and Harris hawk (Sonora line). My breeding center is in the middle of the mountains of Al 'Awjah, try...  [more info]

Moustache Parrot Hand raised, Sweet & Friendly
Beautiful, rare, exquisite and friendly moustache parrot chicks. The chicks are 4 months old and fully fledged. They have been lovingly hand raised since they were 2 weeks old. Good talkers and very intelligent with life spans up to 30...  [more info]

Male and female Electus ready no for their new hom
Waiting list has already started for Solomon Island Eclectus babies. Only one male is left! Expected wean date is mid January. All our babies are hand and socialized with children. We are a small scale, family owned agricultural facili...  [more info]

Male and Female Mynah birds for sale
proven pair of white edge mynah asking $500 can ship united/delta or USPS please call or text (530) 426-2498 for more details and pics   [more info]

Male and female Pigeons for Sale
Performing Type, Birmingham Roller Pigeons for Sale for $500.00 each for ash reds, recessive reds, blues, blacks, yellows, creambars, almonds, tortiose shells, solid whites, andalusians, kites, indigos, and khakis.   [more info]

bonded pair of fiery eastern rosellas for sale
2 year old bonded pair of fiery eastern Rosellas.call or text me for more details and pics at (530) 426-2498  [more info]

Male and Female Toucans parrots for adoption
Parrots and Fresh laid Fertile Parrot Eggs We have healthy, weaned parrots for sale. Really need to down size the farm. We also have fresh laid fertile parrot eggs ready. Availability for parrots/parrot eggs are:  [more info]

Male and Female Indian Ringnecks for adoption
So after some real debate and hard talks with the husband I am putting the one pair of Indian Ring neck up for sale. They are breeders. I bought them over a year ago. She is in no way tame or likes human. He let's me do what I want to ...  [more info]

ALL OUR INTERESTED BUYERS ARE REQUESTED TO CONTACT US BACK WITH HIS OR HER CELL PHONE NUMBER.WE WOULD NOT REPLY TO THOSE WHO ARE NOT SERIOUS. Parrots Eggs and Parrots Chicks Worldwide sales and safe delivery of live fertile parrot eg...  [more info]

hand raised blue and gold macaw
Adorable, sweet, hand raised Blue and Gold Macaw available now! She has tons of personality, and loves giving kisses! Super playful baby and very affectionate. This bird is beautiful and is in perfect feather. Feel free to call, text f...  [more info]

Eclectus Parrots
Eclectus Parrots. Male and Female. Super sweet. Both are pets. Not breeders. Must be on Pellet only diet with fruit and veggies.Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

lesser sulfur crested cockatoo
super friendly and tame and very talkative is a lesser sulfur crested cockatoo bella is about 2 years old. We do ship!!Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

Blue and gold macaws for sale
I have 2 blue and gold macaws looking for their forever homes. They are 3 years old, they were Handfed babies but have not been handled since, so they need some work to be friendly, or they could be future breeders. Both birds are miss...  [more info]

Available Male And Female African Grey
Available Male And Female African Grey Parrot for Sale now!! .....Sale to any Loving and caring Home..Up to date on all shots, Vet checked etc.Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

Umbrella Cockatoo for re homing
Really good pet some words really tame make me a offert move no space in the new home She will come with cage and play area Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

Goffin Cockatoo
All birds we sell are DNA tested so you know if you have a baby boy or a baby girl. We also test for Psittacosis and PBFD through a 3rd party lab to ensure you are getting a healthy bird  [more info]

beautiful boy is looking for his forever home
This beautiful boy is looking for his forever home. He is four years old and is a former Californian. Throughout his time with us he has exhibited incredible intelligence and a playful personality. He loves to be out of the cage and wi...  [more info]

umbrella cockatoo
umbrella cockatoo Very friendly loving bird with a nice vocabulary! Great with kids and other pets! Moving and unable to take her with us! Comes with cage and a ton of accessories  [more info]

beautiful scarlet macaw
beautiful scarlet macaw. Talks a lot comes with a cage.Can be nippy so not so good for small children but used to cats and dogs.Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

Proven pair Hyacinth Macaws
Hand raised baby macaw. DNA female. She’s very sweet and curious. She’s leery of strangers but after a head rub or giving her a treat she warms right up. Looking for her forever home.Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -...  [more info]

carlet Macaws! Handfed, healthy
Scarlet Macaws! Handfed, healthy, and ID banded. Parents are large and in perfect feather. Very sweet and affectionate young macaws will be fun when starting to talk and almost weaned. Message me with your contact info.Feel free to cal...  [more info]

Blue and Gold Macaw for sale
Blue and Gold Macaw for sale Our babies are raised in our home and are handles and loved on daily and often. Feel free to call, text for any questions... 720 -440 -2586   [more info]

Quaker Babies
10 week old dna female Opaline Green Quakers.  [more info]

samoyed puppies
Samoyed is a gentle dog. Very devoted, easygoing, friendly and quite playful, it loves everyone.  [more info]

Young quaker parrots
Hello i got yellow blue green and white quaker parrots all available now for re homing if interested do inbox me and will get back to you asap  [more info]

Cheetah Cubs ,tiger Cubs ,lion Cubs For Sale
We are licensed breeders of big cats, and we currently have cubs of cheetah, tiger, white lion, leopard and liger (i.e cross breed between lion and tiger all ready for sale delivery can be arrange email us directlly at contact........  [more info]

Preorder Blue And White Peacocks 2016 Season $300
Dilkara Peacocks have had now opened their order book for 2018 seasons birds. We will have Whites, Indian blues male and female ready to go to their new homes in now upto December 2018 subject to availability. All birds will be appr...  [more info]

Toucans actually make wonderful pets, they are typically very energetic playful creatures and rather affectionate. They may seem rather dog or cat-like. They Love to play with toys and love Colors and will fetch a ball like a dog an...  [more info]

2017 Goshawks for Available For Sale..
Inquires welcome for quality goshawks bred from Finnish, Russian and European blood lines, producing a solid bird of good hunting weight. Fed on a quality diet with added minerals and vitamins to ensure good development and feather ...  [more info]

Black Francolin Pair 4 months, 7 days old
hi I'm selling my black francolin pair kala teeter pair only one pair for sale is 4 months old very nice bird love out the cage more information email me no private numbers on time wasters only serious buyers thanks 9416772881  [more info]

Parrots and Parrot Eggs
Presently, we are hand raising various kinds of macaws, African greys,cockatoos,macaws and different bird species. we also supply freshly tested fertile eggs. we sell in large quantities if need be. Shipping is available world wide. Bo...  [more info]

.I have Indian Ringneck for sale, the birds are in good health, they are young birds so may be possible to tame them. I also have 2 Rosella for sale EMAIL ME AT ......   [more info]

Yellow nape parrot
Yellow nape parrot very large vocabulary  [more info]

Fertile Parrots for eggs sale
Parrots for eggs sale- Various Species Available-Hatching Parrot eggs is a unique and exciting adventure in the world of hatching! - African congo greys - Blue and Gold macaws - Green wing macaws - Scarlet macaws - Catalina macaws...  [more info]

Pet nail trims 5$
Hello everyone I make house calls for your pets I trim nails give a bath do flea and tick treatments also de worm your pets my name is Lance and I have lots of experience in the industry and know a lot about pets and animals you get a ...  [more info]

parrots and fertile parrot eggs for sale
we have some weaned, hand fed , tamed and well trained baby parrots and their fertilized eggs for sale. We are specialized in selling fresh laid and fertile species of parrot eggs. All our eggs are collected from very heal...  [more info]

Baby Canaries - gorgeous
I have 2 variegated canaries- ready to go home, unsexed. $50 each  [more info]