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Green iguana
4 yr old green iguana. Loves open spaces, eating and sleeping. Very easy going pet. I''m giving him away is because, I don''t have enough time for him and would like for him to have a better home and life.  [more info]

bearded dragon
Large spoiled adult male bearded dragon needs new home due to moving. All new lighting and bulbs. Has everything needed. Large cage two trees. Food and water dish. Gravel covered bottom liner and green carpet. Very gentle and good arou...  [more info]

Bearded dragon
Believed to be female.I took her in as a rescue she came to me in nothingbut a 10 gallon tank.she will come with everything I bought her.a 40 gallon tank,lid,under tank heater,heat lamp,uvb,all hides,and a hammock and calcium powder.pl...  [more info]

Panther Chameleon
I have a wonderful Ambilobe Panther Chameleon for Sale that needs a good home. This is an ADULT PANTHER CHAMELEON not a Baby or offspring. he is 12 Months and growing everyday. I want to get ride of this guy to make some room and im su...  [more info]

Bearded dragons for sale
Offering baby bearded dragons for sale . We have a wide variety of morphs and colors. Check out our website for more information or contact me at (601)381-0264  [more info]

Axolotl aka Mexican Walking Fish (water salamander
Water salamander called Axolotl or aka Mexican Walking Fish. Coolest thing in a fresh water tank.  [more info]

Juvenille skink
I have a male very loving skink. He's 2 years old. He's very good with children and has been very spoiled. A bunch of stuff happened at once and I can't keep him. He's a blue tongue  [more info]

2 Leopard Geckos with terrarium and all supplies
Two leopard geckos (male and female - both sterile) who are healthy and are easily handled by people. If interested you must take the entire setup, 35.5x18x16 terrarium and decorations, smaller terrarium that holds the crickets for foo...  [more info]

Bearded Dragon
2 year old female bearded dragon. Comes with teranim, food and heat lamp. BEST offer accepted.  [more info]

Male Juvenile Bearded Dragon and Tank setup
Accepting $150 (or best offer) for: 1 Grey/brown Male Bearded Dragon estimated to be between 6-8 months of age. He is docile, non-agressive, and has never displayed any health issues. Eats crickets, dubia roaches, and vegetables wi...  [more info]

2 male adult veiled chameleons with everything
2 adult male veiled chams with everything ( cages XL , L , lights , timers , drinking fountains , plants ) each for 200 or both for 300 . pick up only  [more info]

FREE Panther male chameleon
We need to re-home a healthy, beautiful male panther chameleon. His DOB is Nov 2014. His colors are awesome and vibrant. He is tame and friendly. Never any health issues. I also have FREE cage, UV and dome fixtures, and supplies. This ...  [more info]

Sub-Adult bearded dragon and tank.
11 month old bearded dragon with tank, lights, pyramid to bask on, food and water dishes, and fake plant. Asking $150 for all but negotiable as we are moving and need him re-homes.  [more info]

CB 1.1 Patternless Powder Blue
Available is a really nice,1.1 Patternless Powder Blue from 2016. $794 plus shipping. Todd Turnbow (832) 356-0010 I will respond to phone calls & texts,Please only serious inquiries.Email- ......  [more info]

Green Iguana
Beautiful green iguana, we were told she is female. We got her back in November 2014 from an animal expo and the seller was unsure of her age but she was no longer than a ruler then. Now she is about 2 feet long. We want to rehome her ...  [more info]

FREE male veiled chameleon w/ cage
We need to re-home a beautiful, healthy male veiled chameleon. He is 2 years old, tame, and we will give you the cage (large) and lights FREE. Past experience with chameleon husbandry requested. We are located in College Park MD. Call ...  [more info]

Red Sided Skink
I am looking to rehome my red-sided skink. He has recently been escaping from his enclosure and I can''t get a top for his tank. I''ve tried taming him and he doesn''t want to be touched at all. I''ve had him for a month and it''s just...  [more info]

Geckos & Habitat
5 healthy, large adult Leopard Geckos. 1 male and 4 females. Large habitat provides enriched environment.48" wide x 16" deep x 48" tall. Comes with large tube tank, lamps for heat/ light, large doll house, small house, furniture, ladde...  [more info]

Green Iguana
Green iguana HEALTHY with tank and decor included. She/he loves red peppers(great for skin) and eats collard greens as a base meal. Hope you have time to devote to this beautiful animal. Unfortunately I have a family member who ...  [more info]

Bearded dragon pair
Pair of bearded dragons for sale 150 non negotiable includes tank and stand 55 gallon tank 5413902634 call for more info we are located in Fountain Co and will not travel to sell must be ready to transport tank and stand as well at the...  [more info]

Two leopard geckos(1 male and 1 female)
I have two leopard geckos, 3 year old male and 2 year old female. Looking for a new home, that will give them plenty of attention and love. They''re living in a 20 gallon terrarium with a screen hood, heat lamp, heating pad, reptile ca...  [more info]

Crested GEcko
Male RTB Citrus Pinstripe Crested Gecko Approx 1.5 years old 35 grams Eats Repashy and is super sweet. Serious inquires only. -Jamie  [more info]

Leatherback Bearded Dragons
Leatherback bearded dragons. 6 and 7 months old. 7 available. Prices range from $30-$80. Message me for more details. Discounted price if bought by this weekend. 2 females and 5 males available.  [more info]

This dragon is looking for a new best friend
Hello I have a special spoiled bearded dragon. I rescued her about 4 months ago. She was housed with a male in a 30 ga tank. ( both dragons are full grown )she is very aggressive with any dragon. For that I'm going to place her as ...  [more info]

Chameleon cage 48x24x24
Have 3 month chameleon cage, 48x24x25 plus all accessories needed for a chameleon over $400 with of supplies in new condition and many extras $100. Have 2 artificial fig trees that chameleon loves to climb on 6 ft tall. Contact me on...  [more info]