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Rats For Free in Mundelein, Illinois
I have 27 pet rats available, 17 females, 10 males, some are black hooded, some are tan hooded, and some are all white, they are 4 weeks old and I will provide 1 day of food with each rat. also I am located in Mundelein, Illinois, Plea...  [more info]

Dwarf Chinchilla W Cage & Bedding
Dwarf Chinchilla for sale. She comes with a 3x2 cage, 5 Pounds of bedding, Treats and a dust bath. She''s comfortable being handled, loves to sit on shoulders. Going to best home ❤️   [more info]

Black-hooded and Albino Rats
Very cute albino and black-hooded rats. There are currently 5 male albinos and 2 male black-hooded left. They are all really cute and have been handled since they were all a week old. They are socialized and will make amazing pets a...  [more info]

Dumbo Rats
10 Hooded baby dumbo rats for re homing. All have been handled since birth, very friendly and playful. No health issues, all are very social so they need to go in pairs. I have male/female available. I love my rats and have taken ver...  [more info]

Winter Dwarf Hamster
She is so sweet. Comes with her cage, food, etc.  [more info]

Female Teddy Bear Hamster, cage included
Very friendly teddy bear hamster to good home. I have one black with a white belly and one long hair ashy brown. Both very handled and friendly.  [more info]

Ready Soon! Reserve yours !! PET RATS! Dwarfs too!
**updated*** 6/14/17 I have babies ready end of june all are standard sized. $25 Adoption Fee Black Eyed Whites (All Dumbo Eared and Carry Siamese) Ready June 21st. *all reserved* Blacks, Dumbo and Top Eared*carry dumbo* (Carry ...  [more info]

3 Calico Colored Four Week Old Baby Hamsters
I have three Beautiful Baby Hamsters that all need to find different homes, or at least separate cages. They have been handled everyday since just before their eyes were opened. Because of this they are very tame and make perfect pets ...  [more info]

Two Male Rats.(2 1/2 months old)
Odin(white/Blonde Hooded) and Hades (agouti Silverman) are wonderful little boys. Hades is the adventurous one and Odin is the shy boy. I am adopting them out because I currently have 5 and don't have enough time to give them all the a...  [more info]

Baby Hamsters
I have 7 precious baby syrian hamsters that are ready for a new home. 6 weeks old, fully weaned and tamed. No biters. Only cream / all-white left. Must bring carrier with you. Text 702-238-3979.  [more info]

Baby rats
Intelligent, sweet and friendly baby rats available for $10 each all kinds dumbo, rex, fancy , himalayan, albino, and patchwork hairless. Message me if interested.  [more info]

Black & White Bunny
I''m selling my black/white bunny. Her name is Oreo, shes about a month or two old. I got her when I went to college, but I''m not allowed to bring her next year because i''m going to a different school that doesn''t allow animals. Als...  [more info]

Amber Brown Blind Guinea Pig
I have other guinea pigs if interested.My guinea pig is an amber brown color. Is blind in his left eye but is really nice. He is a male. We call him Pirate but you can change it. Please call 714-213-6270 if interested.  [more info]

Calico Baby Teddy Bear Hamsters
Born on April 30th, these adorable baby hamsters need to find homes for when they can leave the nest. They are raised with exceptional care being singularly owned. Once their mother allows them to be touched, they will be frequently ha...  [more info]

Sweet Skinny Pigs! We Ship!!!!
We have several adorable baby skinny pigs & chinchillas available and listed on our site, some ready now!!!! Boys and girls available in a variety of colors!!!!! For more information Shipping, Prices, Photos or Availability Ch...  [more info]

Four adorable female mice free to good home
I need to find a good home to four mice. They have two cages that can be either separate or connecting. Also four exercise balls and three exercise wheels inside the cages are included. The cat will watch them every night for hours. Al...  [more info]

2 Young Female Chinchillas
Two female chinchillas, they're sisters. One is a white Mosaic, and other is just a grey. Both aren't even a year old yet. Comes with cage, bowl, water bottle, brand new fleece blankets (to line their cage with), two dust bath houses o...  [more info]

Young Albino Rat
Ghost is a young male rat that I have only had for a couple of weeks. He is so sweet, cuddly, loves to be scratched behind the ears and climb on people. A friend of mine has a snake, and Ghost was going to be his food. I took Ghost...  [more info]

2 male rats with Critter Nation single level cage
I bought my daughters a Critter Nation cage and two male rats in January 2017. We love them, however we have to move and are unable to bring them with us. The cage is in excellent condition (and is expandable if you need a second level...  [more info]

Satin and Normal Short Hair Hamsters
I have satin and normal short haired banded hamsters in various colors available NOW! Syrian hamsters are solitary, live around 2 years, and make great pets for children. Check out my Facebook page for updated photos and availabi...  [more info]

Pet Rats (baby)
Super sweet baby rats handled everyday since birth, these are pics of some of my past litters, I will have some weaned soon and new litter coming any day now. I have standard ear , and dumbo , hooded, Berkshire,masked, blazed, and vari...  [more info]

Black Hamster Female
Her name is Cookie. She's very nice, doesn't bite, has never peed or pooped on me, and she loves to play and run around (especially in a ball). Hamster cage, water bottle and food bowl included. I will be going to college and I can't...  [more info]

Brown/black dwarf Roborovski hamster
Comes with cage, food, food bowl, water dispenser, hamster ball, and bedding  [more info]

Two adult male chinchillas
This father and son pair are sold together. They are friendly chinchillas who are looking for a caring home with someone who is willing to give them the love and attention they deserve. These standard grays come with food, running whee...  [more info]

Two Happy Rats
Bought two rats as PETS this past summer. They're super sweet and friendly. Just can't give them proper care now with a newborn. Will sell for $10 and will include all of their things.  [more info]

2-month old rats for sale
My pet rat gave birth on February 10th and I've been looking for homes for the babies. She had a litter of 11, and I can't take care of all of them. There are still 7 available. I just want these little beasts to go to good homes.  [more info]

Fancy Rats in NW Pennsylvania
Fancy rat babies just born 5/25/17. Some rex, various colors, and some dumbo. $10 each. They will be well socialized, fed high quality food, and kept in a critter nation cage. I always have one new litter each month. I also have some a...  [more info]

Fancy Rats- hairless, Rex, Dumbo, Blue and MORE
We offer a large variety of rats with several traits to choose from such as: Dumbo & Top Ear Rex, Double Rex, Hairless & Standard Coats Hooded, Self, Variegated & Silvered Our colors vary from litter to litter, we offer a wait...  [more info]

Searching for male rats
I'm looking for three male rats. Either in Texas or willing to ship to Texas. I am not extremely picky but would really enjoy 1 hairless (I don't want more than one) more "colorful" rats, and/or rex rats.  [more info]

*~Baby Rats~*
We are expecting our next litters of rats to be born june 16. They will be ready for homes at the end of july. We are expecting chocolcate, mink, possible pearl... Reserve your spot on our waiting list today.  [more info]

Berkshire Fancy Rats
WONDERFUL!! Affectionate Berkshire Fancy Rats. Hand raised, fed fresh balanced diet along with herbal extracts to orevent disease. More importantly, they are EXCELLENT companions they love shoulder surfing. Fb.me/littlehappyfinge...  [more info]

Black & White Bunny
I'm selling my black/white bunny. Her name is Oreo, shes about a month or two old. I got her when I went to college, but I'm not allowed to bring her next year because i'm going to a different school that doesn't allow animals. Also, m...  [more info]

Free Fancy Rats (2) to a good home
2 loving, intelligent, affectionate female pet rats. Free to a good home. NOT to be used as feeders. Includes cage, litter, and some food. Took a new job, can''t bring my belly babies.  [more info]

Albino Baby Rats
Four medium-sized baby albinos. Two males, two females. All are eating solid food and drinking water. Each is 2.50.  [more info]

I have 17 baby fancy rats for sale, they are all well taken care of, the mother and father rats are the most lovable, well mannered little animals. The babies also would make great reptile food. The babies were born on April 3, 2017. ...  [more info]

Brown hamsters
2 grown hamsters with 6 babies  [more info]

I've had Phoenix for a little over a year and he is a wonderful pet but i am very allergic to him and any kind of bedding i put in his cage. He is all white and loves to sit on your shoulder and will stay there. Please contact me if yo...  [more info]