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Hunting & Fishing Classifieds

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Fishing and Jet Boat Tours
Catch a glimpse the best kept secret in Idaho! We offer jet boat tours, fishing trips and private excursions on the Salmon River in Idaho.  [more info]

Fx logun Gladiator
FX Logun Gladi8or (Gladiator) .22 Caliber Multi shot PCP. Scope is not included. The Gladi8or has 2 built-in air-storage chambers for super-high shot capacity. On board pressure gauge. 100 full-power shots on a complete fill. Side leve...  [more info]

15% off for a limited time - Fishing Word Puzzles
Enter coupon code RSSWQMRV at the link below to receive 15% off Word Puzzle Fun for Fishermen - For A Limited Time Only! Word Searches for those who love to fish! What do you do when you can’t go fishing? Word puzzles about fis...  [more info]

Fishing net mesh size 7cm 4.5ft deep x 60ft wide.
PLEASE SEE OUR NETS IN THE YOUTUBE VIDEO AT THE BOTTOM OF PAGE. Please note this net will be posted from our asian stock. Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery. FREE POSTAGE Fishing Net 7cm Mesh 4.5ft deep x 60ft widt...  [more info]

Bait, gill net, 8cm mesh (490 ft) long 8ft depth.
Big gill net ideal for sea & fresh water fish. 150 metre Net (490 feet) x 8ft depth Large net 490ft wide x 8ft deep. Net mesh 8cm size (knot to knot) PLease see our youtube net video at bottom of page. FREE POSTAGE ...  [more info]

Gill net. 590ft wide x 10ft deep.
180 metre Net (590 feet) x 10ft depth Large net 590ft wide x 10ft deep. Net mesh 6cm size. Please see the youtube net video at bottom of page. FREE POSTAGE This net does not have leads & floats. You are buying the ...  [more info]

FREE survival product
We are Survival Product Company. We are doing marketing research for Launching New Product Lines. And you are the selected few… to get our FREE survival product. ......   [more info]

Winchester -Starrett 815 Style Toolmakers Hammer
Want the nicest, shiniest precision nutcracker you've ever seen? These fully chrome plated excellent quality Brand New Unused Winchester Branded Toolmakers Hammers duplicate as closely as possible the Starrett 815, which is unique in c...  [more info]

Hunting leases Kentucky
have several tracts for prime Hunting leases from 25 acres up to 96 acre tract located in south central Kentucky CALL 270-576-4441  [more info]

Learning Fly Fishing
Amazing New Guide to Learning Fly Fishing, and Catching the Big Ones that All Anglers Dream About. Click on the website link below for details :   [more info]

Shotgun Slug Reloaders - Laser Accurate Sabot Kits Direct From the Manufacturer!
Want to shoot tighter groups than any factory slug, even the highly touted Sabot slugs from the big three? Kit listed below will absolutely get you there. One Inch groups at 50 yards are the normal result. Everything you need is here, ...  [more info]

Hastings Ammunition Mail Order Connection!
HASTINGS Ammunition Mail Order Connection! Built on a foundation of accuracy LASER ACCURATE SABOT SLUGS LOW-RECOIL YOUTH Velocity: 1020 fps * Energy levels suitable for harvesting deer out to 75yds. * Mild felt recoil of 17-1/4...  [more info]

Shotgun Shell 12 Gauge Roll Crimp Tool Direct From the Manufacturer!
Reloaders, want to reload plastic hulls and roll crimp so you can use full size slugs, sabots and choose your own finished shell length? Don't want to pay $50.00 and more for a fancy tool imported from who knows where that has you chan...  [more info]