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The 5 Best Oil Paint Sets
What is in quality oil paint? One can say,”Well, it’s just pigment and oil, that’s all.” Let’s be a little more specific, shall we? The ‘pigment’ should come from 1. Natural sources such as plants and animals (organic sources) or mi...  [more info]

Hand made ornamental mushroom
Hand shaped ornamental mushroom carved from a burled and spalted white oak stump. Two sections were connected together to create the "Magic Mushroom". This one of a kind piece of art took approximately fifty hours to complete. Would ma...  [more info]

Landscape Country Road original oil painting canva
Landscape Country Road original oil painting canvas 24x30 signed by Artist 250.00 ......  [more info]

World Famous Painters Decorating Your Walls ?
2015, Lets slow down a bit and celebrate the moment with family and friends and while sitting in your living room we'd like to think that one of our works of art is beautifying your space. We feel that our mission is to deliver wall a...  [more info]

Do amazing paintings of any image.
Hi I have been a graphic artist for the last 10 years. I will digitally paint anything of your choice into an amazing oil painting, by using 3-4 high quality digital graphic software applications. The digital image will make a perfect...  [more info]

Retouch any image,painting or photo
Hi I have been a graphic designer for the last 10 years. I will vivify your selfie or images by using 3-4 high quality digital graphic software applications. The digital image will make a perfect gifts. It is also great for profiles,...  [more info]

Landscape Country Road original oil painting
Landscape Country Road original oil painting canvas 24x30 signed 200.00 FREE Expedited Shipping  [more info]

Designs for Lower Back Butterfly Tattoos
Why are lower back and tail bone tattoo designs so popular? Simply put, they are sexy fun and cute. The beautiful curves and graceful feminine shapes of a woman's body all seem to converge in the lower back. Like a signature on a exqu...  [more info]

Arts & Entertainment : Art
Membership Site For Learning Spray Paint Art. There Is A Thriving Community Of Street And Spray Paint Artists Online And In The World. This Site Teaches Spray Paint, Street, And Graffiti Artists How To Take Their Skills To The Next Lev...  [more info]

Learn the secrets to drawing
Drawing may not be a natural talent for some people, but anyone can certainly learn how to draw like a master and professional. The issue with learning how to draw is the trouble of having to find a good class, a good teacher, and a go...  [more info]

Learn Advanced Magic Now!
You can do Magic like professional magician. New easy- to- Follow, Step- By –Step Manual Reveals How To Do Magic and Mentalism Tricks. Become A Master Of Magic And Mentalism Now… You will learn: *Mentalism *Street Magic *Levitation...  [more info]

Learn secrets Of Drawing Realistic Pencil Portrait
Step – By- Step guide to draw pencil portrait. Have you ever felt stuck? That you weren’t fulfilling your artistic potential? How long have you been trying to learn to draw portraits like a master, but couldn’t breakthrough your cu...  [more info]

Need New Tattoo Designs?
Get Inspirations For A Tattoo here. Browse through thousands of designs and just print it out and bring it to your local tattoo artist. Put an end to your search for tattoo designs. Learn How to Find and Maintain Your Dream Tattoo FREE!  [more info]

Body Paint for Teens
News and views about teen body painting. Here's a little history on body painting in Illinois: Red paint was commonly applied to the faces of Illinois men, women, and children. This paint was traditionally made of ochre, a reddish m...  [more info]

Want a new easel
If you are searching for a new easel for your painting check out this site which has lots of information about easels  [more info]