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Musical Instruments Classifieds

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Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package
Epiphone's Les Paul Player Pack has everything you need to start playing guitar right away It includes a genuine Les Paul Special-II LTD guitar featuring two classic hum bucker pickups and a 10-watt Electra guitar amp with a 10ft guit...  [more info]

Musical Instruments Store
Welcome to the Musical Instruments Store at Amazon. From stage to studio, this is your source for the gear you need to perform your best--whether youíre a beginner or a seasoned musician. Browse our selection of guitars, keyboards, ...  [more info]

Top Styles Pack Collection 2017 Yamaha Tyros
Top Styles Pack Collection 2017 Yamaha Tyros-PSR-CVP This is the most comprehensive collection of TYROS-PSR-CVP STYLES and Midi's you will find anywhere. There are over 1000 Song Styles to choose from including all the Abba...  [more info]

It Couldn't Be Easier to Learn Piano & Keyboard
We think we've found just the right program for keyboard and piano playing instruction...this program is Specially Designed to take Complete Beginners to an Intermediate Level faster than any other method. You start with popular Rhythm...  [more info]

Lyon by Washburn Electric Guitar GIG BAG ...
Lyon by Washburn Electric Guitar GIG BAG ..no guitar .. comes with straps and new strings  [more info]

Where to Find a Good Quality Stringed Instrument ?
Want to learn how to play a stringed instrument but, don't have any idea where to purchase a good quality instrument. Are you afraid in taking up an instrument because you might get ripped off on something that isn't any good to begin ...  [more info]

Guitar Repair
All stringed instruments repaired and restored. ...... 440-281-8392  [more info]

Yamaha Tyros 5
Features / Specifications: Tone generation: AWM Stereo Sampling Votes: 1,279 Voices + 480 XG Voices + 37 Drum / SFX Kits + more Accompaniment Styles: 539 new preset style Effect Types: Reverb, Chorus, DSP, Master EQ, master compr...  [more info]

Best, Cheapest, and Easiest way to learn Piano
Everyone has busy lives but still also has the instrument that they always wanted to learn how to play. Even with little time to spare you can start learning how to play the piano today!!! Available for your tablet, computer, or androi...  [more info]

An easy way to make harder hitting beats and gro
A simpler way to arrange full songs with just your computer keyboard. No other controllers needed such as drums, or any other virtual instruments. You can sequence here. Youíve got your sound banks here. Mix here. Itís everything...  [more info]

Learn To Play Guitar Like A Professional
Make your guitar learning dream come true. This course uses advanced fine motor Ďprogrammingí to enable you to tap into the power of muscle memory activation and achieve things on guitar that you once thought impossible.  [more info]

Hawkins Guitar Custom Guitar Works
Custom Guitars, Guitar Repair by a Professional Guitar Builder & Guitar Building School  [more info]

Learn to play the guitar like Jimmi Hendrix
Now You Can Learn On How To Make Sweet Cool Music AND Learn How To Play The Guitar Like Never Before With This Brand New Exclusive E-Book and E-Course Package...! Get Your Own Copy of This Ground Braking Step-By-Step Course and Lea...  [more info]

guitar hand bag new unique GREEN free SHIPPING!
This guitar hand bag is unique.It is 13 inches long,and 12 inches high.With a real chain and real studs.Makes a great gift.25.00 with FREE! shipping:(A STEAL)Free shipping inside the u s a ONLY!!outside the u s a add 10.00 = 35.00 ALSO...  [more info]

Guitar Picks from creation
Gemstone Guitar Picks Use a pick from creation of the highest quality. Nature has provided us a guitar accessory that was thousands of years in the making. From itís discovery beneath the earth to the production of a musical ...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - 30 million years old
The evolution of the creation of gemstones has created a revolution of guitar players changing from plastic to the highest quality gemstone picks. Our planet's creation of these gems has made beautiful gemstone that took millions of y...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Experience Gemstone
Come and join the trend of players using the highest quality gemstone guitar picks available for more articulate, smooth and full tone. Our gemstone picks have a bevel we shape around the pick edge that will glide across your strings w...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Plastic or Gemstone
Stone Guitar Picks offer you a special tone not found in any other pick material. $12.50 to $15.50US will give you an affordable pick with a selection of 7,900 of the highest quality gemstone picks to view. It takes 8 to 10 days to cu...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Gemstone slides across strings
Gemstone Guitar Picks of the highest quality offered in ALL shapes by the thousands, 7,900 to be more exact. We stock the Traditional, Jazz, Teardrop, & Triangle shapes. Gemstone picks will offer you a new sound, a new tone regardles...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - No Better Quality
Over 7,900 hand made photographed, itemized, and measured stone guitar picks of the highest quality for your selection in all 4 popular shapes. Gemstone guitar picks are a product of nature, millions of years in the making and the rou...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Practice & Have Fun
Playing the guitar is supposed to be fun. Take it too seriously and your hard work may not pay off in public. I've never seen a great player that didn't look like they were having fun with their instrument. Sure it takes hours of pr...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Search For Tone
What guitar player doesn't keep working on their tone, their signature. Search through the World's Largest Inventory of over 7,900 picks with over 40 selection of different picks where some are only found in one place on the planet. ...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Slashed Prices in 2011
With over 7,900 gemstone picks in inventory we have dropped our prices in some gems by 60%. Particularly, check out our 4 shapes of Quartz Crystal. The new background really lets you see the beauty of this very hard gem. Quartz Crys...  [more info]

Guitar Picks- The Gemstone Difference
Gemstone guitar picks are designed and crafted to make a guitar pick that is like no other. A part of creation has offered us beautiful gemstones that are tens of millions of years old, colored by the process of the evolution process,...  [more info]

Stone Guitar Picks - Creation Produces
Creation is a mystery forever studied but never solved. At Solid Rock Products we have had the honor of using part of creation thousands and thousands of years old and convert the piece into a musical accessory. Semi-Precious Gemst...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Solid Rock Products say 'Thanks'
Our company has so many things we are all proud of regarding our gemstone guitar picks. Our quality control is the best in the world, we stock all four major shapes, we carry the world's largest inventory and selection and we're proud...  [more info]

Gemstone Picks - Huge Choices
What does 7,900 gemstone picks of inventory really mean? Varieties & opportunities. Each pick is photographed, described, and an item number attached. You get the exact pick you choose. If you are looking to explore new tones for an...  [more info]

Guitar Picks- Pick for Fun
Most guitar players, beginners and professionals, watch their left hand fingers when learning a new song. There is also a time to make sure the right hand is doing it's job. When you watch our gemstone picks glide so smoothly across ...  [more info]

Guitar Picks -Quartz is ready
Because of a terrific amount of luck we found some great pieces of bulk Quartz Chrystal and after performing our magic we offer you Quartz Crystal picks at the same price as all our other gemstone guitar picks. Quartz Chrystal makes...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - They're Gems
We have never felt comfortable calling our picks stone picks. They are gemstone picks. It's like calling a Jaguar and automobile. Our Gemstones picks come in all four major shapes and thicknesses. The addition to tone is every ...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Creation Speaks
Creation has allowed us the opportunity to make a musical accessory that dramatically creates a voicing from your guitar. It is called a Gemstone Guitar Pick. The picks are real gemstones found in and on the earth's surface. They ar...  [more info]

Gemstone Picks - A Miracle of Nature
From our planet, from creation, gemstone guitar picks are a privilege to use. Besides what was just described they will not absorb any vibration and it forces the acoustic guitar top to resonate longer. Electric guitar players love t...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Try Gemstones
Why try gemstone picks? Our quality control is the best in the world, we stock all four major shapes, we carry the world's largest inventory and selection and we're proud that many of our raw materials are buried in just a few places ...  [more info]

Gemstone Picks - Resonate More
Our Gemstone Guitar Picks (the World's Largest Supplier) have a beautiful taper that glides across your strings effortlessly. It increases the sustain and allows you to actually pick faster. Open chords will ring longer and they will...  [more info]

Gemstone Guitar Picks - Hardness
The hardness of our gemstones will not absorb vibration and therefore allows the guitar to resonate longer. Thinner picks give you brighter sounds where thicker picks will not only be louder without any extra effort but also slightly ...  [more info]

Making Gemstone Picks
The process of making a Gemstone Guitar Pick out of a rock specimen is tedious and long. A slice of rock is cut and then tumbled many, many times to make it smooth before itís shaped, beveled, and then polished over and over. The pro...  [more info]

Jazz Guitar Picks
Do beautiful stones make beautiful tones? Absolutely! Our selected stones of various hardness, thickness, and shape, all create their own guitar voice. From quick sharp riffs to chord soft warm jazz we offer you the gemstone picks to d...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Gemstone Thickness
Different thicknesses of gemstone guitar picks will definitely give your guitar a different voice. On an acoustic guitar a thinner pick will give you a brighter sound and a thicker pick will give you more volume and more command of th...  [more info]

Guitar Picks
Gemstone Guitar Picks for the guitar player still searching for a variety of tones. Rip into a sharp riff as the undisputed lead player or chord to a soft warm rhythm of smooth jazz with the right gem. Solid Rock Products offer you p...  [more info]

Guitar Picks
What does 7,900 picks of inventory really mean? Variety & opportunity. If you are looking to explore new tones for any acoustic (or electric) guitar, try a gemstone pick. Different gems with different thicknesses, shapes, and hardnes...  [more info]

Haynes Professional Flute (1979)-Excellent!
ALL USED FLUTES ARE NOT THE SAME! -Avoid Expensive Repairs- Top Quality Used Flutes and Piccolos Handpicked and play-tested by Flutist/Teacher of over 30 years, Professionally Serviced and Ready to Play Money Back Guaran...  [more info]

Powell Handmade Conservatory Flute - MINT!
ALL USED FLUTES ARE NOT THE SAME! -Avoid Expensive Repairs- Top Quality Used Flutes and Piccolos Handpicked and play-tested by Flutist/Teacher of over 30 years, Professionally Serviced and Ready to Play Money Back Guaran...  [more info]

Gemeinhardt 4PSH Intermediate Piccolo
FLUTASTIC! ALL USED FLUTES ARE NOT THE SAME Phone: (970) 689-5671 email: ...... 9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. MST seven days a week This piccolo plays beautifully and with ease in all registers, and it is in excellent condition,  [more info]

Gemstone Guitar Picks - Try Soon
BUY OUR GEMSTONE GUITAR PICKS- If youíre looking to explore new tones for any acoustic (or electric) guitar, try a gemstone pick. Different gems with different thicknesses, shapes, and hardness will all contribute to different voices. ...  [more info]

Guitar Picks - Try the Best
We did not become the World's Largest Supplier of picks overnight. In fact, it has taken many years and skilled hands to make it happen. We waited to launch our website until we were capable of offering the best picks possible. In o...  [more info]

Guitar Picks from Quartz Crystal
Our company has so many things we are proud of playing a part of making our product lines. Our quality control is the best in the world, we stock all four major shapes, we carry the world's largest inventory and selection and we're pr...  [more info]

Guitar Picks made from Gemstones
There are many guitar picks but few gemstones. Our gemstone picks are made from gems from all around the world. These gems are millions of years old. Part of our planet it is amazing this piece can become one of your most valued mus...  [more info]

Complete Starter Drum Set, Red, Cymbals Hardware
Product Description Complete drum set ready to go out of the box. This kit includes all shells, hardware, throne, cymbals, stick bag, and 6 pairs of drum sticks.  [more info]

New Drum Set Black 5-Piece Complete Full Size with
Features Full Size Complete Everything Included Cymbals Sticks Stool Stands Included Everything You Need To Play High Gloss Black Finish  [more info]

Legacy Intermediate Soprano Saxophone with Case
Every musician strives to create their own legacy ... but where do you start? . We would like to introduce you to the "Legacy" line of musical instruments. This is the the SS1000 Intermediate Soprano Saxophone which blows away any othe...  [more info]

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