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Figurine Classifieds

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Action & Toy Figures Hobby Train Figures Action & Toy Figure Playsets Grown-Up Action & Toy Figures Home & Kitchen Collectible Figurines Christmas Collectible Figurines Nativity Figurines click the link below:  [more info]

Animal Printed Decor Plates
Bring a touch of nature to your domicile with these 12-inch square decorative plates. Let your imagination run wild and use them to display candles, decorative balls, and more! Each plate is 11 7/8" x 11 7/8" x 3/8" high. ...  [more info]

Carved Elephant Family Candle Set
Mother and baby elephant, both with gorgeous detailing, are trumpeting atop a beautiful tray filled with polished rocks and two clear glass candle cups. Add the candles of your choice and set this wedge-shaped accent on your ta...  [more info]

Elephant Family Carved Decor
This bejeweled family of elephants brings good luck and great design to your living space! The poly stone carving features a wood-like texture that is inset with four beautiful ivory-inspired elephants dressed with dazzling accen...  [more info]

Lucky Wood Carved Elephant Figurine
Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your home brings good fortune: why not see for yourself? Small in stature but big on looks, this beautiful wood-look elephant is a winning addition to your décor. Dimensions: 8...  [more info]

Multi-Colored Elephant Tusk
Marvel at four elephants in a row with style and grace that will add a dash of the exotic to your mantel or table. This poly stone decor piece features a tusk-shaped base accented with pretty details that is the perfect display f...  [more info]

Sensational Elephant Bust Plaque
Looking for a decor accent with plenty of "WOW" factor? This wall-mounted elephant bust is made from electroplated poly resin that really shines with the antique silvery finish. Dimensions: 13.4" x 13" x 8.6" Weight: 2.6 po...  [more info]

Classic White Decorative Elephant
Decorate your space with this timeless figurine that brings a worldly flair home. This beautiful, sleek white ceramic elephant features a raised trunk and lovely details. Dimensions: 12.2" x 9.8" x 6.8" Material(s): Ceramic ...  [more info]

White Ceramic Elephant
With lifelike texture and fine details, this elephant statue will wow your guests. Crafted from white ceramic, this symbol of luck and strength will also add style to your homes decor. Dimensions11.1" x 10.8" x 6.4"7.5" x 2.5" x 7"...  [more info]

Art Glass Elephant Figurine
Only the luckiest people get to have this elephant on display! This absolutely charming glass work of art features a detailed face with long trunk and a body with colorful swirls. Weight: 2 pounds Material(s): GLASS Dimensi...  [more info]

Fat Chef Decorative Figurine Statue Holding Remova
Fat Chef Decorative Figurine Statue Holding Removable Chalkboard Blackboard  [more info]

Fuzzy White Ottoman
Fuzzy White Ottoman Product Description: What a heavenly way to rest your feet! Increase your homes cozy factor instantly with this fuzzy white ottoman, and watch as friends, family, and even pets are drawn to its cloud-like ...  [more info]

Impressive Elephants Statue
Impressive Elephants Statue Product Description: Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your home brings good fortune: why not see for yourself? The stories are true: The person who owns this gorgeous elephant is a lu...  [more info]

Magic Unicorn Accent Table
Magic Unicorn Accent Table Product Description: A golden-maned unicorn stands resplendent in the shy light of dawn, the very image of magic and might. Captivating statue base gives this fantasy table a legendary appeal! Clear...  [more info]

Midnight Fairy Figurine
Midnight Fairy Figurine Product Description: Atop her jet-black unicorn, this graceful maiden takes a secret journey through deepest night. A stunning storybook statue thats sure to star in your fantasy collection! Product sp...  [more info]

#13820:: Eagle In Flight Statue: Only $31.96!
POSTED ON 4-6-2011: SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777 OR EMAIL ...... ===================================================== #13820: EAGLE IN FLIGHT STATUE:LIST $39.95 + S&H: ------------------------------------------------- Place thi...  [more info]

#12865:: CHOPPER POCKET KNIFE: Only $11.04
POSTED ON OCT.28,2010:---SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777---- ====================================================== #12865: CHOPPER POCKET KNIFE:LIST $12.95 + S&H: ============================================== Motorcycle fans, this ...  [more info]

#13199:: DRAGON RIDER FIGURINE: Only $14.41
POSTED ON OCT.8,2010:--CUSTOMER SERVICE--918-365-5777--- ===================================================== #13199:DRAGON RIDER FIGURINE:LIST $16.95 + S&H: =============================================== A fairy maiden rides...  [more info]

#39824GP::COLOR-CHANGE DRAGON FIG. Only $16.76!
POSTED ON OCT.4,2010: CUSTOMER SERVICE 918-365-5777--- ===================================================== #39824:COLOR-CHANGE DRAGON FIG. LIST $19.95 + S&H: ================================================= An armored dragon...  [more info]

#12863GP:: JEWELED MOSAIC DRAGON: Only $26.21!
POSTED ON SEPT.23,2010:-FOR SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ==================================================== #12863:JEWELED MOSAIC DRAGON:LIST $34.95 + S&H: =============================================== Celebrate your love of fo...  [more info]

#39992:: SOLAR GARGOYLE STATUE: Only $33.71!
POSTED ON SEPT.22,2010:- FOR SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ======================================================= #39992: SOLAR GARGOYLE STATUE:LIST $44.95 + S&H: ================================================ Fearsome faux-sto...  [more info]

#12704: DRAGON KING STATUE:Only $41.97!
POSTED ON SEPT.20,2010: FOR SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777-- ----------------------------------------------------- #12704: DRAGON KING STATUE:LIST $59.95 + S&H: ================================================ The fierce ruler of th...  [more info]

POSTED ON SEPT.20.2010:--FOR SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ===================================================== #37867:LARGE SITTING DRAGON HOLDING BALL:LIST $99.95 +SH ======================================================== Bej...  [more info]

#37095:: 'ON STRIKE' SLEEPING GNOME: Only $19.96!
POSTED ON SEPT.16,2010:--FOR SERVICE CALL-918-365-5777-- ====================================================== #37095:'ON STRIKE' SLEEPING GNOME:LIST $24.95 + S&H: ==================================================== A cute mr...  [more info]

#39264::SLUMBERING GNOME STATUE: Only $20.97!
POSTED ON SEPT.16,2010:--FOR SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ======================================================= #39264: SLUMBERING GNOME STATUE:LIST $29.95 + S&H: ================================================== After a long ...  [more info]

#39693::GRANDPA GARDEN GNOME:Only $19.96!
POSTED ON SEPT.16,2010:--FOR SERVICE--918-365-5777---- ===================================================== #39693:GRANDPA GARDEN GNOME:LIST $24.95 + S&H: ============================================== No house is a home witho...  [more info]

POSTED ON SEPT.16,2010:--FOR SERVICE--918-365-5777--- ===================================================== #39627:SUPPORT OUR TROOPS GNOME:LIST $$29.95 + S&H: =================================================== All decked out ...  [more info]

POSTED ON SEPT.16,2010:--FOR SERVICE CALL--918-365-5777 ====================================================== #39265: GARDEN GNOME GREETING SIGN:LIST $49.95 + S&H: ===================================================== An apple...  [more info]

#12588:: Wooden Eagle Spirit Sword: Only $16.96!
POSTED ON SEPT.10,2010:---------------918-365-5777 ====================================================== #12588:WOODEN EAGLE SPIRIT SWORD:LIST FOR $19.95 + S&H: ====================================================== Any proud ...  [more info]

#12266::GuardingDragonGlasstopTable!Only $79.97!
POSTED ON SEPT.9,2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #12266:GUARDING DRAGON GLASSTOP TABLE:LIST $149.95 + S&H ======================================================= Stunning stone-look table features ...  [more info]

#37128::Dragon & Knight Chess Set! Only $133.97!
POSTED ON SEPT.9,2010: ------------------------------------------------------ #37128:DRAGON & KNIGHT CHESS SET: LIST FOR $199.95+S&H ======================================================== DRAGON & KNIGHTS FIGHT A TIMELESS BAT...  [more info]

#13056::Western Water Fountain: Only $90.97!
POSTED ON AUG.27,2010: -------------------------------------------------------- #13056:WILD WESTERN WATER FOUNTAIN:LIST $139.95 + S&H: ======================================================== Who says that fountains have to be ...  [more info]

MODIFIED POST ON AUG.24,2010: ------------------------------------------------------ #39587::GLASS-TOP TIGER TABLE:LIST $139.95 + S&H: ======================================================= A RARE WHITE TIGER IS CAPTURED IN AL...  [more info]

#39196:: FAIRY CELLPHONE HOLDER: $11.00:
POSTED ON AUG.18, 2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #39196: FAIRY CELLPHONE HOLDER: LIST $12.95 + S&H: ======================================================== Your cellphone will stay safe, sound an...  [more info]

#12731GP:: LILLY FLORAL FAIRY: Only $15.96!
POSTED ON AUG. 18, 2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #12731: LILLY FLORAL FAIRY:LIST $19.95 + S&H: ======================================================== A lovely young fairy flutters her gossamer ...  [more info]

#12109:: FAIRY & UNICORN FIG. Only $32.47!
POSTED ON AUG.12,2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #12109:FAIRY & UNICORN FIGURINE:LIST $49.95 + S&H: ================================================== A raven-haired fairy maiden and her unicorn co...  [more info]

#38832:: Orchid Fairy Table Lamp: Only $41.97!
POSTED ON AUG.12,2010: ----------------------------------------------------- #38832:ORCHID FAIRY TABLE LAMP:LIST FOR $69.95 + S&H: ======================================================= Pausing above a newly blooming bed of vi...  [more info]

#12540GP:: Lighted Fairy Fountain: Only $69.97!
POSTED ON AUG.12,2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #12540:LIGHTED FAIRY FOUNTAIN:LIST $99.95 + S&H: ====================================================== A lavender fairy pauses beside an enchanted ...  [more info]

#13046:: Lucky Elephant Figurine: Only $15.96!
POSTED ON AUG.8,2010 -------------------------------------- #13046: LUCKY ELEPHANT FIGURINE:LIST FOR $19.95 + S&H: ======================================================= Legend states that an elephant figurine inside your home...  [more info]

#12615:: Playful Elephant Wine Holder: Only $18.71
POSTED ON AUG. 7TH, 2010: ---------------------------------------- #12615:PLAYFUL ELEPHANT WINE HOLDER:LIST $24.95 + S&H: ======================================================== What's tickling the tummy of this roly-poly elep...  [more info]

39665::SOARING EAGLE STATUE: Only $22.46!
MODIFIED POST ON SEPT.10,2010: FOR SERVICE 918-365-5777: -------------------------------------------------------- #39665::SOARING EAGLE STATUE: LIST $29.95 + S&H: ======================================================= Wings he...  [more info]

#13819GP::Eagle Spirit Wall Clock:$34.96!
MODIFIED POST ON OCT.22,2010:-SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ======================================================== #13819:EAGLE SPIRIT WALL CLOCK:LIST $49.95 + S&H: ================================================ A mighty bald ...  [more info]

#39349::Lucky Elephants Tusk Sculpture: $27.97!
POST MODIFIED ON AUG.3,2010: -------------------------------- #39349::LUCKY ELEPHANT TUSK SCULPTURE:LIST $39.95 + S&H: ======================================================= A family of elephants pauses beneath a mighty bany...  [more info]

#38425PKG: Dolphin GlassTable 8 item Pkg. $175.75
#38425PKG:: DOLPHIN GLASSTOP TABLE 7 ITEM PACKAGE: TOTAL LIST = $344.60 + S&H: ======================================================== This beautiful dolphin glasstop character table comes loaded with 7 dolphin items you...  [more info]

#38429::LEAPING DOLPHIN FIGURINE: Only $14.97!
#38429::LEAPING DOLPHIN FIGURINE:LIST $19.95 + S&H: ======================================================= A dolphin flies high in a graceful arch above the churning sea. Thanks to a clever transparent support, this glorious gleamin...  [more info]

#38989::FAIRY CHESS SET! ONLY $119.97 !
#38989::FAIRY CHESS SET! LIST $199.95 + S&H: ======================================================= In the legendary world of Faerie, the armies of two ancient kings gather for a mythical battle. This stunning set is sure to be the...  [more info]

#39360::EAGLE CRYSTAL SCULPTURE: Only $11.00 !
MODIFIED POST ON SEPT.1,2010:-SERVICE CALL 918-365-5777- ====================================================== #39360:EAGLE CRYSTAL SCULPTURE:LIST $12.95 + S&H: ====================================================== Marvel at ...  [more info]

#31044: "END OF TRAIL" FIGURINE: Only $29.96 !
MODIFIED POST ON AUG.30,2010: ------------------------------------------------------- #31044::"END OF TRAIL" FIGURINE:LIST $39.95 +S&H: ======================================================= The classic statue "The End of The ...  [more info]

#36362::GLOWING JESUS on the CROSS FIG::Only $8.96
#36362::GLOWING JESUS ON THE CROSS FIG:LIST $9.95 + S&H: ======================================================= A spun glass masterpiece depicting Jesus at the moment of His ultimate sacrifice, glows with a brilliant inner light. It...  [more info]

#37492:: BLUE SHARK FIGURINE: Only $21.21 + sh
#37492: BLUE SHARK FIGURINE: LIST FOR $24.95 + S & H: ======================================================== Powerful shark "swims" atop your table, endlessly searching the sea for fresh prey. Remarkably detailed from nose to tailf...  [more info]

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