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Satellite & Cable Classifieds

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How to lower Your Cable t.v. Rates by 50%
How to lower Your Cable t.v. Rates by 50% Using Your High Speed Internet! Lower Your Cable Rates And Still Watch Everything You Do Now With Out The Cable Box!!  [more info]

Cable & Satellite TV Alternatives
Legally access hundreds of free and low cost TV Channels without cable. Do you want to drop cable TV? Here is a document that gives you a few options. Click on the link below to open this document. ......   [more info]

We are a next generation digital communications and entertainment company. We already have a suite of best-in-class products and services. Our new Flagship Product is now officially ready for Launch. The era of the Cable and Satelli...  [more info]

Cut or Eliminate Your Cable Bill Today!
How much money are you spending every month on your Cable or Satellite bill? Do you subscribe to Net Flex, Hulu, Amazon Prime and do you rent Pay for View movie, Red Box? Do you pay for any of the premium Sports Channels? Are you 100%...  [more info]

HD Signal Repeater
The IntelliSpy HD-SDI Signal Repeater with allow you to run HD signal thru coax over 600 feet. Normally without the repeater you can only run the cable a little over 300 feet. The repeater is great for larger installations. Enter this...  [more info]

Satellite Services
Software allows customers to watch over 3500 channels in over 150 countries!  [more info]

Limited time offers 100-300 value when you shop
Check out the following link, and it will take you to the exact website's page. ( ...... )  [more info]

Save on Satellite and cable TV
Welcome to the Future of Entertainment, no more monthly cable TV bills and you get to watch what you want when you want. Gain direct access to the world of International TV - Thousands of channels from around the world giving you th...  [more info]

Watch TV and watch movies
Watch TV and watch Movies, this is the future of entertainment, gain access to the world of movies and International TV. Watch sport and music, TV drama and TV series from around the world. Pay one small fee and get this service for...  [more info]

Satellite TV
Pay one small fee and get access to the world of TV. No more monthly fees, this is the future of TV and you can get it now and save on your monthly subscription fees. TV from around the world, watch anything at anytime this is free ...  [more info]

The Future of Entertainment is here.
The Future of Entertainment is here. You can get 4000 TV Channels, direct to your PC. You only pay once. This small fee, is what you normally pay, on a monthly basis, for your subscriptions. I don't have to tell you any more....  [more info]

Before You Spend Money on Roku Fire T. V.
Before you spend your money on the roku or fire TV stick... You really need to watch my video And see why I offer you way more ways to stream TV shows and movies...  [more info]

Why People Are Saying Goodbye to Cable TV
Whether you’re into TV, movies, or sports (or all three), cutting cable won’t cut you off, but it might just save you upwards of $1,000 in a year.  [more info]

I haven't Paid A Cable Bill in 2 Years...
Paying For Cable and Satellite T.V. is Way Over Rated!! All Your Paying For are Commercials!! Watch What You Want When You Want..All You Need Is High Speed Internet!! Check Out My Website!!  [more info]

Don't Buy The Fire T.V. Or The Roku T.V. Box!
Do Not Buy The Fire T.V. Box or Stick Or The Apple T.V. Box Or The Roku Set Top Box Until You See Our Android T.V. Streamer ...The Ultimate Internet Streaming Device!!  [more info]

The New Kable Pay T.V Killer.
Change The Way U Watch TV. WHO Says you have to Watch Pay TV? Cancel Cable T.V.Bills  [more info]

Enjoy Free Cable Forever!
Get rid of your monthly cable bill forever! Enjoy 12000 channels and 24/7 on demand international access to the ONLY product of its kind bar none--turns your TV into a global theater! Legal, best in class, no other comparisons. Get ...  [more info]

Satellite and Cable is dying to free Streaming T.V
Satellite and Cable T.V. is Dead....They Are Losing Millions to The New Age Streaming T.V. Platforms and We have one of the Best Streaming Devices on the market today!! Save $100 at Check Out By Using Coupon Code "SAVE100VS"  [more info]

Tired Of Those Expensive Cable T.V. Bills?
Watch What You Want When You Want With Out The Costly T.V. Bills...On Demand Media and D-BOX TV Streamer. Save Over $2,000 A Year off Your T.V. Bills..  [more info]

Best Choice For Fast Home Satellite Internet..
If You Live in a area where there aren't any Comcast or At&t Uverse or Time Warner Companies and your looking for some home internet services then check us out... We offer the Fastest Satellite Home Internet Service!!  [more info]

Help us Introduce a Brand New Unique Product
Are you sick and tired of overpriced so-called premium TV service packages? Introducing the new “Celestial” Super-Premium TV Package. One year of premium TV service with cable or satellite averages well over $1,500 a year! Our Celest...  [more info]

Don't Buy The Amazon Fire TV or The RoKu Box!!!
Before You Spend Money on The Amazon Fire TV Box or The Roku Box... Watch free online TV stations from all over the world. Find the best free Internet TV, and live web TV.   [more info]

Get Up To $200 To Try The Newest Cable Company
We want to prove to you how amazing ATT Uverse has become with new higher internet speeds, lower prices that are up to 50% cheaper than other cable companies and more features. To prove this to you we are offering up to $200.00 in V...  [more info]

Ecorp Medias Direct-PC 9000 channels
Watch 9 Thousand tv channels from anywhere keep up with your shows on your labtop tablet and many other devices  [more info]

Internet By Satellite Only $39.99/mo
Internet By Satellite only $39.99/mo plus installation and in many cases a rebate up to $100 for new customers. Visit our website and check out availability and services for your area today.  [more info]

Home Satellite Internet
Home satellite internet is available everywhere. High speed satellite internet is inexpensive and works well. Check out the cheap rates and rebates offered to new home satellite internet customers.  [more info]

High Speed Satellite Internet Access
High speed internet access from any where. You can even set up satellite internet in your motor home so you can be online all the time.  [more info]

Cheap Satellite Internet
Cheap Satellite Internet is available in most areas now. So even if you have no cable or phone hardlines you can still get online. Visit: ......  [more info]

Broadband By Satellite
Broadband By Satellite set up with a cash rebate. Ready to go systems can have you on the internet surfing fast. Visit: ......  [more info]

Terk TRK-S26 18" X 20" DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna with 3 Dual LNBs (TRK S26, TRKS26, TRK-S2)
Terk TRK-S26; 18" X 20" DIRECTV Multi-Satellite Dish Antenna with 3 Dual LNBs; Third LNB provides HDTV programming from 110/ orbital slotIntegrated multi-switch; Refined mounting system for easier installation and aiming; LNBs and mult...  [more info]