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soundproof a room , noise reduction , isolation ,

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soundproof a room , noise reduction , isolation , noise control with cork flooring

If you purchased a condo, and your HOA ask you to looking for a flooring system to achieve IIC rating of 70. We can help you meet this requirement with our cork flooring. It can be achieved with form 12mm cork underlayment (Delta IIC ratings 22 tested, IIC rate 50, estimated STC 70,) plus12mm cork floating flooring (Estimated Delta IIC ratings 12, IIC rate 22, estimated STC 50,).

First let talk about STC/IIC rating and Delta IIC ratings:
Here are the major problems with STC/IIC ratings:

1. They are easily manipulated by the manufacturer to create inflated numbers that are never achieved in the world of construction
2. They are inaccurate/useless for all but the test conditions – which means they cannot be used in any form except under the EXACT conditions the test was performed under
3. They represent the ENTIRE system – from the floor you are standing on to the layer of paint/stucco on your downstairs neighbor’s ceiling (could be as much as 2 FEET worth of material)
4. Because they represent a SYSTEM you cannot have a thin 1/16” piece of blue foam offer 70 dB of noise reduction…it is physically impossible.

What most manufacturers will do is use the THICKEST concrete slab (10” or 12”) for the test (worth 42 dB). Then they will add a 12” drop down acoustic ceiling (worth 14 dB) and then stuff the ceiling with acoustic insulation (5 dB) and then finish with drywall (5 dB). This comes out to be 66 dB all by itself. Then the add the 1/16” underlay and a floor. Then the STC 72 is achieved. The total will be published for the underlay ONLY! Yes. The 1/16” bit of foam is “rated” as STC 72. In fact it is only worth 6 dB. That’s how these numbers are falsified.

These are the major scientific pitfalls of STC/IIC ratings. Major pit falls. The STC “70” you are talking about represents decibels. That is the VOLUME of noise. An STC 70 means 70 dB of acoustic attenuation. To be clear, a conversation between two people (standing 3 ft apart) is 60 dB. A vacuum cleaner produces 70 dB. A lawnmower is 90+ dB.

A floor-ceiling assembly that “kills” 70 dB worth of airborne noise (vocal sounds, TV noise, etc) is impressive – and rare. Luxury condo buildings are able to achieve 70+ dB worth of acoustic insulation (up/down noise) because of the 10” – 12” of concrete they use between the units. These make up about 1% of the apartment buildings in N. America (yes…it is the same 1% of the very wealthy).

For these reasons, it would be very difficult to ask condo owners to achieve STC 70 without knowing what your building already sits at. For that you would need to test several units (at the condo boards expense). This gets expensive. These issues can be put to rest simply by working with Delta IIC ratings. These are the newest “Gold Standard” in the acoustic community. And here’s why:

A. Delta IIC ratings cannot be manipulated
B. The test conditions are rigorously controlled which means they are easily reproducible
C. They represent ONLY the materials tested making them easy to understand and to “work with”
D. They are “additive”. That means you can take the numbers from the existing floor-ceiling system and ADD the Delta IIC rating to it for an ACCURATE result

Delta IIC numbers are achieved using only 3 things in the test chamber:

1. A 6” concrete suspended slab (provided by the test facility)
2. The floor product
3. The underlayment for the floor

The test is run and then the “numbers” for the concrete are mathematically eliminated (removed) and the final number is the acoustic number associated with the “floor + underlay”. These numbers are HIGHLY accurate and can be added to ANY floor-ceiling assembly to come-up with a “real life” number.

Here is an example:

a. 6” concrete slab construction building (27 dB for the concrete slab)
b. 5/8” regular drywall (5 dB)
c. 12mm cork underlay (22 dB)
d. 8mm laminate (0 dB)

Total rating for this setting: 27 + 5 + 22 + 0 = 54 dB

As you can see, it would be almost impossible to find an underlay that would help the 32 dB floor-ceiling assembly (27 dB + 5 dB) achieve an STC 70. The underlay would have to add 38 dB!!! That’s nearly impossible.

Now, if you add a cork floor (instead of laminate) you will add another 8 – 12 dB to the 54 dB = 62dB – 66 dB. In this situation (6” slab with a finished ceiling which is VERY common in the building industry) even my best/thickest 12mm cork underlayment won’t come close to 70 dB.

In your situation, as the condo owner, you would be able to argue the fact that a “regular” condo building with a required STC 70 would impose “undue hardship” on the owners. The amount of money and effort needed for a “regular” condo (4”, 6” or even 8” concrete slab ceiling) would be akin to a financial impossibility for a significant amount of owners. Therefore you could propose a cork+cork option for those people looking to work with something other than carpet.

The easiest way to achieve this is to SHOW the board what ” cork underlay + ” cork flooring LOOKS like. The samples we offer have impressed every condo board I have had the pleasure of working with. And for the record, carpet doesn’t have a ‘rating’. The pad has the rating. A low end carpet pad offers very little to the acoustic value of the carpet. And THAT is your BIGGEST argument! Carpet does very LITTLE for STC ratings. It only works on IIC ratings (footfalls) and even then it is the carpet PAD that does all the work. You will have a great argument if you have BAD carpet with a THIN pad. You can argue that the cork underlay (6mm cork underlay) + 12mm cork floating floor would do MORE for airborne noise than the existing “bad” carpet. You would be replacing a “bad” material with a much BETTER material.

You will be happy to know that we have Delta IIC ratings (these are the Gold Standard for flooring and underlay products) for our 6mm cork underlay + 11mm cork floating flooring. We also have the Delta IIC rating for our 12mm cork underlay as well.

We have successfully helped condo dwellers achieve a cork floating floor in buildings that would otherwise turn down anything other than carpet. It can be a bit of a battle, but 99% of the time we have been successful. The first thing you will need to find would be the requirements for your building. HOA or condo boards will have documents that state the bi-laws. In them, you should find the STC/IIC rating or the Delta IIC ratings. You can then start your search.

Cork flooring products carry their own acoustic insulation data. We have tested the 6mm underlay + 11mm cork floating floor as a combination. The Delta IIC ratings are 20.0 dB worth of acoustic insulation. The 12mm cork underlay can achieve – all by itself – a Delta IIC rating of 22.0 dB. In the worst case scenario, we have had clients use our 12mm floating floor planks (estimated to achieve 10 – 12 dB) and the 12mm cork underlay (22.0 dB). This situation has been accepted in any setting that has a “tough” HOA board. The two products have been estimated to achieve more than 30 dB (could be as high as 34 dB).

To put this in perspective a “good” acoustic floor+underlay will achieve a Delta IIC rating of 14 dB. Compare that to the Delta IIC of 30 – 34 dB. That is a massive difference. That’s why we have been successful getting cork into condos.

Why iCork Floor LLC?

Specialize in cork flooring

So if you're looking for a floor that can do all that, then visit us at iCork Floor. We specialize in cork flooring products and strive to bring the best to you. Our expertise has helped hundreds of clients buy right from the start and aided them from making costly mistakes, we have even helped our customers refurbish an old cork floor. We've have helped advise with specialized projects such as boats, campers, RVs, Air Stream trailers, Double-Decker bus conversions, catamarans and Tiny-House installations.

Certified cork flooring

Forna quality cork flooring has been certified and tested by European and North American quality control companies; CE certificated, DIBt, Leed, SGS, CARB, ECO Institute. All Forna cork products are made with formaldehyde-free adhesives and binders.

Distributor direct-to-you prices

Because we are the factory-direct distributor, we can offer all our cork floors at direct-to-you prices. You'll get the very best in cork flooring without the middleman added expenses. Even though our prices are competitive with "discount" and on-line stores, we only provide top quality cork flooring. Check us out and browse our lines of 10mm, 11mm, 12mm thickness cork floors What we sell for $3.49/sf can run between $5-$8/sf form your local stone. What we sell for $4.29/sf go for as high as $12-$15/sf elsewhere. We invite you to shop around and compare. Price, quality and service - we produce it all..

Tax exempt

Another advantage to iCork Floor is the lack of taxes paid on purchases. As our company is situated in Kent WA., we are only allowed to apply Washington state tax to floors delivered to WA. state residents. All other states are tax exempt. So you'll find savings here as well.

Free Samples

Want to see a sample of a flooring design or style before you buy. No problem. We have samples of our stock available to you. Visit our website to order your free samples - we just ask $6.95 (5-6 samples) to pay the USPS cost of shipping your parcel. And when you are ready to buy, we are ready to ship as we have OVER 800.000 SQ. FT OF OUR CORK FLOORING IN STOCK!

Don't wait 4-6 weeks for your floors!

We ship next business day OR SOONER! For the average order, we have everything ready to ship within 1-3 business days. Not only that, we offer shipping discounts on full priced flooring. We've worked hard to find the best rates possible for you. As your order size increases so too the discounts. The more you order, the more you save. Small orders (less than 4 boxes of glue down tiles or less than 10 cartons of floating flooring) may not benefit from these discounts but the bigger orders can rake in the savings. .

iCork Floor LLC.

iCork Floor LLC.

#137-1209 Central Ave South,

Kent, WA 98032 U.S.A.

Toll Free: 1-888-551-7678, 1-877-998-1198,


Visit the links below for a look at our cork flooring designs:

Image 1-3: Salami
Berber 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic =$4.19 sq.ft

Comfort 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic=$2.99 sq.ft

Leather 12mm cork floating flooring = $3.49 sq.ft
8mm cork tiles = $3.69 sq.ft
6mm cork tiles = $2.89 sq.ft

Mahogany ripple 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic =$3.69 sq.ft

Sisal 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic=$4.19 sq.ft

White leather 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic=$3.39 sq.ft

6mm cork tiles =$3.19 sq.ft

Wood ridge 12mm cork floating flooring Uniclic=$3.99 sq.ft


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